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Don’t Let Fleas Rule the Roost!

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Antworks provides expert pest control services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.Anyone with pets knows just how difficult it can be to deal with fleas. These microscopic bloodsuckers will do anything to keep on feasting, and they seem impossible to get rid of. When fleas are allowed to dwell inside a home, they can multiply to overwhelming amounts. While fleas seem to die down in winter, it’s a false peace–and fleas will always come back in spring, sometimes twice as bad! If you’ve got pets, or live in a rural area with lots of wildlife, it’s important for you to arm yourself with flea prevention knowledge. Don’t let fleas rule the roost–read on to learn more about Antworks’ recommendations for flea prevention!

Prepare Your Exterior Against Fleas

There are two ways to make sure fleas won’t be bugging you come spring: keeping up with your landscaping, and keeping wild animals away!

  • Fleas like to be hidden, so take these actions:
    • Rake your leaves
    • Mow your lawn
    • Trim shrubs and plants away from the house
    • Let the sunshine into your yard! Flea larvae can’t survive in direct sunlight.
    • By following these simple steps, you can make sure fleas aren’t going to find a safe haven in your yard.
  • Fleas love wild animals, so take these actions:
    • Trimming your landscaping goes a long way toward preventing wildlife from living in your yard. No hiding places–no unwanted guests!
    • Seal all holes and entry points within your home and any outbuildings.
    • Don’t leave pet food out!
    • The solution is simple: to avoid fleas, you also have to prevent animals that carry fleas.

Flea Prevention is Key

It may seem too simple, but the best way to avoid a flea problem is not to attract them in the first place! If you’ve taken all the steps above for your backyard, it’s time to turn our attention to your home (or business!) Here are some basic ways to make sure fleas won’t invade your home:

  • Clean everything. A simple concept, but one that works.
    • Reduce clutter and vacuum frequently–especially rugs.
  • Use a flea comb on your outdoor pet–at least once a day.
    • By checking your pet for fleas once a day, you’ll have the golden opportunity to prevent a problem before it starts!
  • Open those curtains!
    • The best way to kill flea larvae is air and sunlight. If your home is sunny and clean, fleas aren’t going to stick around!
  • And finally, the most important step: clean your pets!
    • By bathing or cleaning your pet on a regular basis, you’ll cut down on the chance of fleas that much further.
    • Every pet has different needs: be sure to talk with your veterinarian about the best cleaning schedule for your pet.
    • Your vet may also be able to recommend a flea treatment that you can use on a regular basis.

Treat Flea Infestations as Soon as Possible

Let’s say the worst happens, and you have fleas! It seems like they’re everywhere–you don’t know how they got in, and you’ve tried everything to get rid of them. What’s next?

Call Antworks! We’re a full-service extermination company, and we have the exact experience and skills necessary to get rid of fleas–for good! We can also recommend a variety of methods to keep fleas at bay in the future. If you’re suffering from a flea infestation, don’t wait another second–call Antworks, and schedule your appointment today!

Don’t Let Fleas Rule the Roost! IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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