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by Kim Kent on Antworks Pest Control

Antworks did everything right. They were on time, the technician was polite and knowledgeable. He explained everything about the treatment so I understood it. It's pet friendly. And, most important, it worked!

by Stephanie on Antworks Pest Control

If I could give them more than 5 stars I would! I had these weird bites suddenly and in one incident. The characteristics/situation didn't point to one specific bug, super frustrating!!! I was a crazy wreck for a week, fearing the worst... bed bugs. I decided to call a pest company. Being new to the area, I looked at reviews. Antworks was highly recommended, and for good reason I found out. I had called another place, talking to them felt cold and unhelpful. When Christina had called me back I was so relieved! She really listened to my situation and frustrations. She cared about getting me relief ASAP. Later on I asked her opinion about having a dog come sniff the room/house. She was quick to respond and was helpful, offered great advice. I was such a mess, Christina was wonderful, she cared about getting me relief. I'm sure I could've been easily taken advantage of, but that didn't happen. Although no one ever came out, I would recommend them hands down. When someone helps you in a tough situation, goes above and beyond making sure you feel comfortable, you don't forget it!

by Roy Bird on Antworks Pest Control

I guess I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner. After 2 years of seeing small ants traveling along just under my soffit and figuring they were nothing more than harmless because they were so small, 1/8 to 1/4 inch. But when they came back for a third year, I got on the internet only to find out that they were indeed carpenter ants. I found this hard to believe because I thought they were 1/2 to 3/4 inch and black. Not so. There are indeed different varieties. So I called Antworks because they were highly rated and specialized in Ants. Christine was extremely courteous and sent her brother out to assess the situation. Though he was young, he seemed extremely knowledgeable, found where they were coming from, and where they were nesting in my attic. He was here not much more than an hour if that, treated the out side of the house and then the attic and he was done. I started thinking "is this for real" but decided to trust his judgement. Less than an hour after he left there were dead ants all over my porch and not a trace of the ants on my house below the soffit! The next day I found a bunch of dead and dying ants in my basement mostly 1/2 in long. This went on for about 1 1/2 weeks and then it was over. I haven't seen one ant anywhere!!! It's been well over 2 months since the treatment and all I can say if you have carpenter ants, this is the exterminator you want. Their treatment is absolutely safe for pets. 5 Start rating and above!!!!!

by Mokihana White on Antworks Pest Control

We were unable to get rid of the ants at our house; caulking and ants traps weren't working, so I checked online where I found this business listing. I called and left a message asking for a return call, which came within thirty minutes or so from Chris.I explained our problem and talked to him for quite awhile. We've never had to call a pest control company before so really wanted to be sure before I committed myself to something I'd later regret.I had been impressed by All About Ants' website, and was further impressed with the way Chris answered my questions. He was thorough, friendly, and obviously well informed. So I decided to hire him.He went to the house the very next day, and oh my gosh, I was glad I'd called All About Ants. Chris found several nests of ants, and the problem was so severe that the varmints were even going up into our trees and shrubbery! He said that's very unusual, but why should I do things in a normal fashion, right? Why not go to worst case scenario from the very beginning!Chris said he doesn't usually see infestations of sugar ants this bad, but he sprayed over and under and around and inside and outside and wherever else he needed to using non-toxic to pets and people spray.Then (as I said, why should we do things the easy way?) he saw a carpenter ant. No biggie, right? Except that then he saw another one. And another. So he asked if i wanted him to spray for carpenter ants while he was there. Oh sure, gimme the whole thing (it did cost extra).The ants were gone in a little over three weeks. It did take two treatments, but I wasn't charged for the second one. All About Ants' work is guaranteed, and I wasn't pressured to sign up for a yearly contract (which I can have if I want it).I'm very glad I found this company. I like that they take a "one size DOESN'T fit all" approach and I like that I wasn't pressured to sign up for a yearly contract. The price was reasonable, service was very fast and efficient, and I felt that my concerns were addressed in a very professional way.

by Joseph Farley on Antworks Pest Control

We make sure to do annual maintenance of pest control with them, regardless of whether or not we see roaches/termites/ants. It's just better to prevent than manage. They give us a good deal and we've established a good working relationship. Highly recommended.

by Randy Harris on Antworks Pest Control

What I really appreciated about them was their courteousness. It's very rare nowadays to have servicemen be that polite and nice - reminds me of the good old days. They did an excellent job too. Keep up the great work!

by Corey Buoy on Antworks Pest Control

love these guys!! I called them and they came right out, and it was the weekend! they really know what they are doing, she (Ashley) knew just where to spray and told me that the ants were most likely in my wall, so she drill small holes and sprayed there too. the price was great and the service was even better. they are super professional and polite my son was sleeping and they not once woke him up, even with the drilling. they also treated the whole outside of my home and I have yet to see another ant.

by David Devaney on Antworks Pest Control

We just bought a new house, a fixer-upper, and ants were part of the problem. We didn't want to spend too much on ants and pest control since we were spending so much on everything else. Good thing my recommended these guys. Got the job done fast and were reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

by Anika Warden on Antworks Pest Control

I wish I could give these guys a higher rating. THEY ROCK.Seriously, coming from someone who paid several different people to resolve a troublesome issue that has plagued us for 3 weeks - they didn't even charge. They got in our attic, our crawl, checked the whole house in and out and guess what? Turned out to be honeybees - which you need a specialist to treat because of their endangered status (I'm so glad they knew this cause I sure didn't).It's so great to finally know what the real issue is, instead of having several people stipulate "it could be" or "it might be" but ultimately "I don't have a ladder that high to be able to tell." The guys at Antworks make it happen - they won't leave until they root out the problem, and they set aside plenty of time to work their way through the home. Absolutely recommending to all my friends/family.Thank you guys so much!!!!!!!!!

by Richard Snyder on Antworks Pest Control

We began using Antworks when they were still named "All About Ants". I am happy to say the name is all that has changed. They are extremely professional, friendly and timely. They explained why I had the ant problem (our development was once a blackberry patch) and what I can expect in the future. Best of all, after treatment the ants are GONE! I can't recommend them highly enough.

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