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Pantry Pest Control

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Pantries are the ultimate in food-storage convenience, but pantries are also convenient for pests, offering both shelter and food. Any kitchen space can become infested with a pest, but pantries are especially prone. With a few preventative measures, you can keep your pantry clean and pest-free. If you are experiencing an infestation, it’s important to know when to use professional pantry pest extermination services.

Types of Pantry Pests

  • Indian Meal Moth: This pest will eat almost anything, consuming nuts, flour, grains, dried fruits, chocolate, pasta, and other dry goods. The larvae can eat through both cardboard and plastic.
  • Merchant Grain Beetle: Also known as the saw-toothed beetle, this insect is a common pest of flour, dried fruit, and chocolate.
  • Cigarette Beetle: Also known as the tobacco beetle, this pest typically infests stored tobacco leaves, but will also infest dried cereals, dried fruits, flour, and some animal products.
  • Wheat Weevil: Also known as flour or grain weevils, these insects lay eggs within grain kernels. They are known for their ability to destroy harvested grain crops.
  • Rice Weevil: Like the wheat weevil, this insect lays eggs within grain kernels. They eat rice, wheat, and corn kernels.

How to Prevent Pantry Pests

  • Sanitation: Make sure you pantry is clean and dry. Reorganize regularly, making sure all stored food is still sealed and bug-free.
  • Proper Food Storage: Store all dry goods in glass or heavy plastic.
  • Time Your Stored Food: Use all dry goods within four months.
  • Check the Date: In addition to using all stored food within four months, always make sure the food is still well within the expiration date when purchasing.
  • Inspect: Make sure there are not holes or cracks in food packaging; anything damaged (or obviously open) should not be purchased.

Why Do I Have Pantry Pests?

Even the cleanest of pantries can be affected by these pests. Warehouses, factories, and other industrial spaces where food is stored or prepared can be affected by any number of pests. These insects can infest food within warehouses, laying eggs and breeding. The eggs or even adults are packaged with or on the food, hatching when conditions in your pantry are optimal.

If your pantry is less than tidy, or has food older than four months in it, take a quick inventory of what you have. Clean and vacuum the shelves and corners, and wipe the shelves down with soap. It’s important not to use harsh chemicals anywhere near food. If several shelves are infested, you may want to consider professional pantry pest extermination.

Pantry Pest Extermination

As soon as an infestation or insect is found within food, discard the product immediately. Pantry pests can spread rapidly, especially weevils. Even with the preventative measures listed above, a pantry may become severely infested. Pantry pest extermination is a reliable and convenient way to eliminate pantry pests for good, and it’s important to call an pest control professional before your pest issue gets worse. An experienced pantry pest exterminator can also give personalized recommendations to prevent future problems with pantry pests, keeping your kitchen and home clean and pest-free.

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