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How Squirrels Invade Homes in the Winter

Temperatures are beginning to drop here in the Pacific Northwest and not only do we humans notice it, but rodents like squirrels do too — they have to live in it! However, if they find that [...]

The Importance of a Pest Control Plan

Unless you’ve had to deal with winter-invading pests, you probably don’t have a pest control plan in place. But you’ll want one, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest because spring is [...]

Apartments with Pest Problems

Apartments, condos, senior living facilities, and other forms of shared housing have an abundance of food and water sources, and they provide shelter. These are everything pests like cockroaches, [...]

Pest Problems Rural Areas Face

Rural areas are quiet, gorgeous, and relaxing, but they can also harbor pests including ticks, fleas, and rodents — which can be harmful to not only your family but your crops, grains, and [...]

Do Spiders Hibernate?

When autumn approaches, homeowners become more focused on the idea that pests may possibly try to seek shelter in their homes to avoid the cold. In addition to rodents and roaches, many people [...]

Traveling and Bed Bugs: What You Should Know

The holidays are a busy travel season. Anyone who is traveling and using hotels, however, should be aware of bed bugs. These small parasitic creatures are widespread in hotels, and everyone [...]

Pests That Overwinter

Overwinter is a term used to describe how a mammal, bird, or insect acts to survive the winter cold. Mammals may decide to hibernate or move to another location to protect themselves from the [...]

Why Pest Control is so Important

Just about every homeowner has dealt with pests at one time or another. At times, it seems as if an infestation is not that big of a deal. Instead of becoming complacent, you should develop and [...]

5 Common Fall Pests in the Pacific Northwest

Fall time brings thoughts of pumpkins, apple cider and preparing for the winter season. It is a time of year where everyone is winding down from the summer fun and getting ready for the holidays. [...]

No More Rats or Mice: How to Keep Rodents Away This Fall

Autumn is a prime season for rats and mice to find their way into the home. Your goal is to take proactive measures that help to keep rodents away this fall. With the aid of these tips, you stand [...]


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