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Rat on floor in Portland OR and Vancouver WAAs the summer’s warmth gives way to cooler temperatures, Portland’s lush green landscapes begin to evolve into a tapestry of breathtaking colors. The crisp, invigorating air is accompanied by the comforting aroma of freshly fallen rain, a quintessential part of Portland’s fall experience. Unfortunately, the enjoyment can be ruined by the invasion of fall pests. Many types of unwelcome creatures are inclined to infest your property during the fall season. 

What Fall Pests Can Do to Your Home & Health 

As the weather starts to cool down, pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and termites can invade your home. These and other pests have the potential to cause significant damage to the insulation, wires, and wood materials on your property. Some household pests such as cockroaches can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Rats and mice can even spread illnesses such as salmonella or hantavirus. Ants and other insects can also be destructive. 

How to Prepare Your Home Against Pests

Preparing for fall pests is essential for your home and your health. Pests can easily gain access to your home if you’re not prepared. Preventing pest invasions is achievable by taking some proactive steps in key areas of your home:    

  • Yard: Eliminate standing water from your yard, as it can attract insects. Store firewood away from your home to minimize areas where pests can take shelter. Keep your yard tidy by promptly removing debris like old tires, equipment, and toys, as they can serve as hiding spots for rodents or collect water, creating ideal conditions for pests to thrive. 
  • Windows and Doors: Pests can easily find their way into your home through small cracks, gaps, and holes. Inspect the areas around window and door frames for any such openings, sealing them with caulk or silicone to prevent unwelcome guests. Remember to inspect and repair any damaged screens. 
  • Attic, Chimney, and Gutters: Inspect your attic’s roofline for gaps, cracks, or missing insulation. Seal these openings with rodent-proof materials. Store your belongings in rodent-proof containers. Installing a chimney cap to keep out pests is vital. Regular gutter maintenance is also important, as clogged gutters become prime spots for pests and can lead to moisture problems. 
  • Garage: Ensure your garage door fully closes and forms a tight seal with the ground to block rodents and wildlife from entering. Always keep garage doors and connecting doors to your home closed when they’re not in active use. Declutter your garage, removing boxes, old equipment, and other miscellaneous items stacked in corners, as these can serve as hiding spots for rodents, spiders, and other unwelcome pests.
  • Pantry and Laundry Room: Store pet food in sealed containers and promptly clean up pet feeding areas to deter a variety of insect pests. For dry foods like pasta, grains, and flour, use airtight containers to prevent Indian Meal Moths and other pantry pests. Make sure your dryer vent is properly covered outside to prevent rodents from finding their way in.

Take Preemptive Action    

Taking preventative measures in the fall can help minimize pest-related issues as the weather cools down. Don’t wait for pests to invade your home. Take proactive steps to protect your property from pest invasions. Professional extermination services are essential for safely removing fall pests. Contact our skilled professionals at Antworks Pest Control for expert assistance and year-round pest management solutions.