Mosquitos need water to breed and lay eggs. They have adapted to live in almost any source of water, including ponds, marches, drainage ditches, and even puddles. If there is a source of water nearby, there are most certainly mosquitos.

Mosquitos typically rest during the day in shady areas, and feed as the sun goes down, and at night. Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance–they can carry diseases that affect humans, including West Nile virus. Keeping mosquitos away from your home or business is critical for both your comfort and safety.


Pest Description

Mosquito Habits

Mosquitos are notorious for sucking blood, leaving red itchy bumps and transmitting harmful diseases. The female mosquitos feed during dusk, night, and dawn.

They require stagnant water to breed, and water sources can include buckets, tires, pools, or containers left around a property. They lay batches of 150-350 eggs at a time. The eggs usually hatch within 2 days, and the cycle to adulthood lasts 10-14 days. Most mosquitos will stay around the water in which they were hatched, so they can raise another brood. Mosquitos can produce one to four generations per year.

West Nile virus is the most common virus spread by mosquitos in the United States, but they can also transmit malaria, Zika virus, and other pathogens. No vaccines have been produced for these diseases, and there is no known medicine that can prevent a mosquito from transferring a disease.

Preventing Mosquitos

The best way to prevent mosquitos is to eliminate any stagnant water around a building.

When outdoors, avoid areas where mosquitos congregate, especially during twilight hours. Wearing long sleeves and pants can also help to prevent bites. Mosquito spray can also be used to prevent these insects from biting. Be sure to reapply throughout a long period of time.

Eliminating Mosquitos

The only way to avoid getting a disease from a mosquito is to prevent their bites, and cut down their population. Eliminating water sources from around the building is a great start, as is repairing window screens and replacing any weather stripping. Maintaining drainage ditches and lawn moisture can also help.

If mosquitos don’t have a source of water, they can’t breed. If you live in a wooded or rural area, and have a natural source of water nearby, consider calling a professional mosquito exterminator. They can help identify additional ways to prevent mosquitos and their bites.