Moisture Ants

“Moisture ant” is a catch-all term for the 133 species of ants that belong to the genus Lasius. All moisture ant species in the US prefer to nest in damp or rotting wood.


Pest Description

Moisture Ant Habits

They nest in damp or rotting wood. Unlike carpenter ants, they will not spread beyond the borders of wet wood, but will remain within damp wood. Some species also build tunnels made of a cardboard-like paste: wood shavings and honeydew.

Moisture Ant Identification

Because there are so many species, identification is difficult without a professional. In general, moisture ants are much smaller than carpenter ants.

Preventing and Eliminating Moisture Ants

Prevention consists of relatively simple steps:

  • Fix leaks immediately, so they cannot dampen wood
  • Remove any damp wood immediately
  • Seal all utility pipe entrances or other entrances into the walls or home.
  • Commit to inspecting the exterior of your home four times a year. Professional inspections are a great way to make sure you’re protected.

Elimination may be more complicated. Once moisture ants are within your home’s walls, professionals will need to remove them. Fully removing moisture ants takes time, as all nests will have to be identified.  A licensed expert can determine the scope of the problem, the origin of the water source, and how best to proceed with removal. At Antworks, we use a variety of different treatment techniques, including wood injection and monitoring.