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Antworks’ Pest Control Treatment and Process

Every treatment is custom-designed for the pest, structure, and infestation, because every home is different! When we treat for pests, we look at your home environment inside and out, looking for pest activity, conditions that might encourage them, and the best locations to focus our treatment on.

How do we eliminate pests in your home?

We start with some initial diagnostic questions.

  • What pest do you suspect?
  • What locations have you seen pest activity, and what signs have you seen?
  • How long have you seen activity inside?
  • What have you done (DIY or over-the-counter products) to try and control them?

Asking these basic questions can help us diagnose the issue, and begin to formulate a pest plan for your home. If you’ve just moved in to the home and have no prior understanding of pest history, not to worry! We’ll conduct an inspection and recommend a treatment plan.

Interior Pest Control Treatment

We prefer to begin treatment inside, at the center of the infestation. More often than not we begin in the kitchen and bathroom areas, because of the moisture and food sources.

We’ve developed a special, in-house method of treatment, drilling tiny holes about every 16 inches and injecting the pest treatment material into wall voids and cavities. If you didn’t know the holes were there, you might not ever find them! We’ll patch any holes that aren’t able to be hidden.

We’ll use the treatment holes throughout the center of the infestation, or in any other areas that need attention. We almost always inject under sinks, around plumbing and pipes. Depending on the extent of the infestation, we may inject treatment along the entire plumbing wall. We may also treat within cracks and crevices, where appropriate. We may also apply treatment directly to baseboards, crawlspaces, or attic spaces as needed.

Exterior Pest Treatment

We then head outside, to apply control material directly to your foundation. We’ll apply material around the entire perimeter of the house, including everywhere that the house comes into contact with the earth. We’ll also apply the treatment to any wires, posts, etc.

While we’re treating the outside of your home, we’re also carefully inspecting the exterior for any conditions that might encourage or allow pests to come inside. We will often treat the crawlspace through the vents, if needed. We will also inject any plumbing walls from the outside.

It’s important to make sure we get material on both sides of your insulation, especially around areas of moisture and activity. We’ll use the same care drilling holes as we did inside, hiding the injection sites in ways that also shelter them from outside moisture. As always, we patch any holes that aren’t able to be hidden.

Post Treatment Recommendations

We’ll then check in with you, letting you know how the treatment went. We’ll go over any recommendations we have to correct future pest problems or potential issues. Depending on the pest involved, we may explain further treatment necessary. If you’re on a maintenance plan, we’ll see you in the next few months!

You can expect your pest activity to decrease and sometimes even increase for the next three weeks. It may take some time for activity to cease entirely after treatment, depending on the extent of the infestation. You may see your pest issue disappear overnight! Every infestation and treatment is different. If your pest activity does not cease after a few weeks, give us a call. We’ll come out for a no-charge follow-up appointment.

We believe in our effective local pest control treatment.

Our treatments are extremely effective. We have an excellent track record for eliminating pest problems, and when you also correct any pest-conducive conditions, your treatment will last for a long time–it may even outlast the warranty! When our special pest treatment is combined with prevention steps, the results are incredible!

If your home is under warranty and the pest comes back, we’ll return for treatment at no extra charge. We also offer warranty extensions, if you’re concerned about pest activity in the future.

The vast majority of our treatments last for years. Once we get a house under full control, it’s easier to treat other future pests, too. Long-term maintenance is the best way to make sure your home is continuously protected.

Interested in one of our pest plans? Contact Antworks today, and protect your home!

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