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Top 5 Myths About Spiders

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Spiders are not considered welcome guests in most people’s homes; in fact, they can make even the toughest of men run for cover. Pest control in Portland, Oregon, such as All About Ants, can help eradicate these scary creatures from your home and garage. The next time you run screaming from the room when you see one, consider these spider myths:

  • Spiders are insects: Spiders are not insects and in fact belong to two entirely different classes. Spiders are as far removed from insects as fish are from birds. Insects have three pairs of legs while spiders have four; insects have three body parts while spiders have two. Understanding this distinction helps you purchase the right products – general insecticides may not be effective on spiders. All About Ants in Portland, Oregon use the right combination of products to rid your home of both insects and spiders.
  • Spiders bites are common: Have a rash, bump or bite on your arm or another part of your body? Chances are it wasn’t caused by a spider. The myth that spiders bite when you least expect it (like when you’re sleeping) have been circulating for decades, but this simply isn’t true. Spiders don’t feed on human blood, like mosquitos or ticks. If you discover a rash, bump or bite, have it checked by your health care provider; it could be a sign of a more serious condition.
  • Spiders are aggressive: Contrary to popular belief, spiders don’t bite humans just for the fun of it. They may bite if they are surprised or feel threatened, but for the most part, they are oblivious to us humans.
  • If you find a spider in your home, you should put it outside: You may think you’re kind by taking a spider from the bathroom sink and putting it in your garden. This is a bit like freeing a lion from a zoo and putting him into the wild. The chances of survival are slim to none. So what should you do? Either leave it alone or kill it with the nearest shoe; then seal any gaps and cracks in floorboards and walls to keep them out. All About Ants in Portland, Oregon can help identify the areas they are getting in.
  • Australia and Brazil have deadly spiders: While it’s true that these countries have creatures and wildlife that make the rest of the world shudder, coming across a deadly spider in these parts is not all that common. Australia’s venomous spiders include the redback spider and the Sydney funnel-web spider. Further, if you do get bit by one, it’s likely not going to cause death. Brazil is known for their ‘wandering spiders’ including Phoneutria fera, P. nigriventer, and P. keyserlingi. None of these bites have ever caused death in humans.

Spiders may not be aggressive or bite for no reason, but the fact remains they are an unpleasant addition to any home. Luckily, pest control companies like All About Ants in Portland, Oregon can help keep spiders away from your home, and get rid of any that have made their way in.

All About Ants can help you get rid of spiders, ants and other insects from your home. Visit the website for more information.


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