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Top 4 Myths About Mosquito’s Revealed

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Summer is coming: Myths about mosquitos revealed.

Summer is well on the way and with it comes a yard full of mosquitoes. It is impossible to get away from them, and the little bloodsuckers are everywhere. With the steadily increasing blood borne diseases that are carried by mosquitoes it is more important than ever to ensure that you use proper pest control methods to repel the mosquitos before they descend on your home if at all possible.


With that being said, and the very real danger of mosquitos in the news day after day, there are some myths about mosquito’s that need to be repelled. Pest control options are available to get rid of them, but knowing what is a myth and what is a fact is just as important. Read on below for a few of the top myths about mosquito’s that aren’t quite fact.


Myth # 1: All Mosquitoes Feast on Human Blood


According to research, there are over 3500 species of mosquitos on the planet today. Each species of these critters have their own favorite food source. Some like fruits, other’s like animals, and still others enjoy feasting on nectar or human blood. That is why so many mosquitos are found in the country or the wild. Not all of them feast on human blood, but there are enough of them to make it uncomfortable to be outside at all during the summer months.


Myth # 2: The More Blood They get, the Bigger the Welt will be


The amount of blood the insect gets has nothing to do with how the bite swells. The swelling has to do with your immune system, which reacts to the bite. People who are allergic to mosquitos will swell bigger than people who aren’t.


Myth # 3: Mosquitoes that Carry Diseases Are Only in Africa and Tropical Countries


This myth has been dispelled quite harshly over the last few years. You are just as likely to get a disease from a bite as anyone else in the world. Although, it is rarer in northern places, everywhere is on high alert because of the increase in mosquitos that carry diseases in recent years. From West Niles to the Zita virus, mosquitos are dangerous folks, and you need to take heed. Proper pest control methods can be used to prevent the mosquitoes from flocking to your yard, but the possibility is still always there.


Myth # 4: Mosquitoes Choose Their Victims


This myth is almost comical if so many people didn’t believe it. Many people believe that the insects are attracted to certain people. People who wear perfume or people who drink beer. In reality, mosquitos are not choosy about who they bite. The only thing that studies have found to be true is that the amount of sweat has something to do with mosquitos seeming to like to bite one person in the yard more than the other people there.


These are just a few of the myths that need to be dispelled about the mosquito population. If you are looking for quality pest control services, visit All About Ants today.

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