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Three Signs You Have a Major Ant Problem

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Ants are likely the most common pest problem that homeowners can face. They are so small that they can slip through cracks that may be invisible to the human eye, and soon take over your home. But, how can you tell the difference between a small ant problem and a major one? Here are three signs that you could have a major problem on your hands when it comes to an ant infestation in your home.

  • Ants Are All Over the Food on Your Counters


Any pest control service will tell you that once you see ants on any food you keep uncovered on your countertop, then you have a problem. Just ask the group at AllAboutAnts, who are part of the Antworks Pest Control team in Portland, Oregon. Ants seek out food sources, and if you leave food on your counters uncovered, you are basically inviting them to move in. You may even find that they will get into your pantry, which only makes the problem even worse. In order to avoid this, keep food sealed tightly in containers, and practice proper storage.


  • You Notice Ants Randomly Around Your Home

Where there is one ant, there is likely many more. So do not just pass off as ants just coming in from when you were doing yard work. Consider every sighting a potential threat. Walk through your house and see if you see any other ants wandering around, as there likely are more, or at least, more coming. To prevent this, you will want to seal off any gaps and cracks in your doors and windows. This will make it harder for the infestation to continue to grow.


  • There is An Ant Next Outside on Your Property

When you notice an ant problem, you need to do some investigation. Take a walk through your front and back yard in an effort to find the colony where they are coming from. What you are looking for are small mounds of dirt with many ants around it. Do not be fooled by how small they are, however, as they are home to hundreds of ants.

It is not always recommended to remove these colonies as they are vital to the ecosystem. So before you do anything yourself, contact a pest control specialist who offers a service to remove ants. Antworks Pest Control is one of the many that do this. Contact them and explain the situation, and find out what they recommended.


When it comes to an ant invasion, you can easily try and take care of it yourself with store brought products or homemade remedies. But, a major ant problem may require a more technical hand to really eliminate the problem. So, let the group at Antworks handle it for you- call them for a quote today, and find your home ant-free again in no time. They may even be able to find those entrances you were unable to.

Three Signs You Have a Major Ant Problem IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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