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The Top 4 Reasons Not to Share Your Home with Mice

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Rodents such as mice may be small in size, but they are known to cause major problems to those who share a home with them. That is because they are small in size, and they can squeeze themselves through tiny holes to enter any place. Furthermore, these small creatures are difficult to find because they usually build their nest in dark places and corners where they cannot be seen them. Getting rid of rodents is necessary because they carry parasites such as fleas and other diseases that are dangerous to man.


Four Reasons Why You Should Remove Mice from Your Home.

Rodents such as mice are known to cause a lot of chaos and damage to one’s home because they chew almost on anything. Mice can chew on electrical cables and wooden walls when they are trying to create a way in or out of the house. Such rodent activity causes damage to property and risk of a fire outbreak caused by mice gnawing on electrical wires. Here are other reasons as why you should not share your home with mice.

1.Mice Carry Parasites and Pathogens

Besides chewing their way into your home and causing damage, mice are known to carry parasites and pathogens such as ticks and mites. Moreover, besides carrying pathogens and parasites, this particular rodent also transmits other deadly germs and diseases such as listeria, rat-bite fever, Hantavirus and even salmonellosis.

2.Bodily Excretion

Mice are known to leave fecal pellets and deposits of urine everywhere they go, and if the mess is not cleaned, it can cause a bad smell making it difficult to stay in your home. Besides fecal pellets and urine, mice also leave behind deposits of blood and saliva, which contains pathogens as well. Cleaning such a mess is not easy, and you are required to use specific solutions to get rid of the smell. Mice are also known to shed off their hair at least twice a year.

3.Leaves Dirt and Marks On the Walls

Mice do not stay in one area and during the night, they will find their way into the kitchen trying to find food. If you find gnaw marks on your food, clothing, furniture or wall, it means there is a mice infestation in your home. These marks and dirt can be seen during the day especially around the corners where the mice pass.

4.Causing A Disturbing Scratching Noise

Mice can also make it difficult for you to sleep during the night because they produce a scratching noise behind the walls and ceiling when they are running. The noise does not stop until morning, and the only way you can be able to get rid of such noise is by removing the mice from your home.


These are the reason as why you should not share your home with a mouse. However, you might want to hire pest control services to help solve this problem. Furthermore, it is advisable that you deal with the mice problem at an early stage before they breed. Contact All About Ants for more information on mice control today.

The Top 4 Reasons Not to Share Your Home with Mice IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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