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Pantry Pests

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The nightly visits of bugs in your sugar or flour is enough to make you quit eating for a while, just to get the image out of your head. Pantry pests have become a new issue in the past decade due to upgraded corn meal and crops that may have been affected by insecticides over the years – the irony.

These pests can enter your home and breed within your grain products, birdseed, or pet food from your local grocery store, feed store, or natural food store. Their life stage is similar to that of flies, and populate in warm climate areas. The larva and adult stages can be found in your grains and oats, this will let you know if you have an infestation or your food is overdue, often times it’s an expiration issue. Other product they can be found in is spaghetti, dried flowers, spices, peas, dried vegetables, and nuts.


Inspect your pantry. Sift through your pasta, grain, and spices, dry pet food, birdseed, etc. Look over your shelves and clean up particles or any instances of food or grain to avoid attracting larva to infest and grow on it. Corners and holes in shelves or pantry walls are vulnerable for infestation since humidity could build moisture there. Clean thoroughly in small crevices and behind furniture and picture frames. Pheromone traps can remove the small numbers of pests and avoid the chance of an infestation. Prevention is key when it comes to pantry pests. Do not overstock your pantry with more than your household can attain. Seal opened bags and products in tightly sealed containers. Also, keep your storage areas well ventilated and dry to keep moisture-loving insects from inhabiting your pantry, even your home.

Antworks is willing to inspect your home and check to see if there is an infestation. If so, then we will take care of your pest problem.


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