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Dangers of Having Flies in Your Home

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Dangers of having flies in your home

The most common housefly, Musca domestica, lives close to people all around the globe. Flies feed on almost anything including human foods and waste where they can collect and transport various disease causing agents. Houseflies can be one of the leading causes of irritation, particularly in the summer when they are flying all over your face. Any time you start preparing some food or leave any waste exposed, they will always surface from nowhere and start buzzing around you. What’s even worse is that when they get into your home, it can be a big mission to get rid of them. Their incessant buzzing is irritating, and these insects can also be a health hazard. This makes it crucial to have them out of your house and as far as possible.

The presence of flies in a home can be an eyesore, and it has its dangers too. From an ecological point of view, people may claim that houseflies play a significant role in the earth’s ecosystem, but when people’s health is at stake, their importance is often ignored. There are several dangers of having flies in your home as discussed below.

Carriage of Diseases

Flies accumulate lots of bacteria and pathogens on their mouths and legs when a female lays eggs on decomposing waste matter such as rubbish, feces, and animal corpses. This means that diseases are lurking in their legs, and the many small hairs present on their body. When they make contact with any new surface, like a plate of food, the diseases are transferred immediately to the material. Besides, flies must break down solid food before eating it, and they do this by covering it with saliva which could also be filled with pathogens.

Flies can carry numerous diseases, and they include tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Also, they may also carry anthrax, salmonella, and eggs of other dangerous parasitic worms. With all the facts right, you will realize that flies can cause more harm than good. It is for this reason that serious measures should be taken to keep them as far from your home as possible.


In addition to being a grave danger, flies are more than just a nuisance. In large numbers particularly, flies can be a great nuisance by disturbing people while working or during their leisure time. Besides, flies soil the inside and outside of homes with their feces. Flies will always buzz around you and land on almost any surface which is very disturbing and distracting.

Poor Hygiene

Another danger of having flies in your home is living in poor hygiene conditions. Their presence in your home can have an adverse psychological impact because their presence is usually associated with unhygienic conditions.

We all love our homes and care for our well-being and the well-being of others. Although flies can be tough to eliminate from our homes, strict measures should be taken to ensure that they do not find comfort in our places of residence.

Dangers of Having Flies in Your Home IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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