An ant infestation as with any pest is bad news. Some signs of a serious ant epidemic are: Debris excavated for nests (dirt piles) Visible trails of ants foraging Audible excavation within walls [...]



These pests are a threat in and out of your home, so it’s best to remove a nest at first sighting. They are either solitary or social. Solitary wasps are predatory, and often parasitic, laying [...]


Pantry Pests

The nightly visits of bugs in your sugar or flour is enough to make you quit eating for a while, just to get the image out of your head. Pantry pests have become a new issue in the past decade [...]



Flies are everywhere. In any market, landfill, department store, and home. IT can be hard keeping them out of your vicinity unless you have something to ward them off or something to keep them at [...]


Bed Bugs

NAME: Cimexlectularius LENGTH: 6mm NICKNAMES: Red Coates, Mahogany Flats, Wall Lice ORIGIN: Early colonists LIKES: Blood HIDEOUTS: Hotels, airplanes, couches, beds SKILL-SET: Ability to chill out [...]



NAME: SUBTERRANEAN TERMITE SPECIES: Reticulitermesflavipes LENGTH: 6mm LIKES: Dead plants and wood HIDEOUTS: Underground, foundations SKILL-SET: $1 billion per year in property damages Know your [...]



The Best Portland Rodent Management Services Rodents The best way to control this pest is through “exclusion”.   Inspection is key….location and repair of entry points. There are a number of [...]

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