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Why you should avoid using the pesticides you see in the stores.

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The site of any unsightly insect, be it a roach, beetle, or the most common ant, can send many people frantically to the store for some type of treatment. Instead of dousing pests in a bunch of chemicals, many of which they’ve developed immunity too, take a moment to consider your options. According to many Portland pest control companies, often times using the pesticides, that are available in stores, can pose a lot more risk than potential reward.


Many commercially available pesticides are not environmentally friendly.


Even if the pesticide comes in a pump bottle or manual spray bottle, the misuse in disposing of leftover contents can lead to serious environmental issues. Most pesticides that you purchase at the local store cannot be processed by water and waste management facilities. Pouring even a small amount down the drain can have an impact on wildlife and pollute the environment. This is even true for when you are rinsing the containers out for recycling. In most states you have to triple rinse pesticide containers, and use the rinse water as you would when applying it normally. Even flushing this diluted mixture can cause problems. Each state, and at times county, has a specific requirement for disposal, depending on the chemical and its container. So, aside from being a possible pollutant, it is also a pest to properly dispose of it.


Even after all the red tape regarding its disposal, it may not get the job done.


Many Portland pest control services will warn customers about the ineffectiveness of over the counter sprays, if they don’t already hear stories about it. The ever common story of “I emptied an entire can onto it and it was still going.” is a result of two common factors. Firstly, this often happens because the person used the wrong type of bug spray, and ended up dousing the pest in a chemical not even designed to affect them. Second, it is entirely likely that the chemical used in the spray was effective, decades ago, but thanks to over use, the insect has become immune to it. When it comes to things like roach and ant pest control, most commercial pesticides or bug sprays tend to not work.


Commonly available pesticides are unhealthy for your family and pets.


The biggest reason Portland pest control companies discourage the use of store bought pesticides, aside from being ineffective, they are potentially harmful to you and your family. Most pesticides, even if they do not kill the intended pest, can harm humans and animals. A miss fire of spray can end up putting pesticides in places accessible to small children and pets. All it takes is a lack of proper hygiene , or for a pet to track it elsewhere to result in accidental poisoning. When it comes to taking care of pests, especially infestations, the safety to yourself and your family can make using a Portland pest control company more than worth it. They can also often do the job without creating the awful residual smell that commercial pesticides tend to leave.


Why you should avoid using the pesticides you see in the stores. IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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