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Are ants dangerous or should we protect them?

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Humanity considers ants to be pests, and some nasty ones at that. And sure, ants are not good in the home of any person, but they can be extremely useful in nature. So we should try to keep them away from our home, however we should respect them in nature and leave them alone! The reality is that ants live in society, just like we do, and they have distinct individual tasks that they have to attend to. This alone shows that ants are more than just a simple pest, they are intelligent insects that managed to create their society. In fact, they even have their kind and queen.

On top of that, ants are very resistant. Some studies have shown that ants, as well as cockroaches, might even be able to resist nuclear attacks, all thanks to their durable exoskeleton.

Aside from that, ants are very useful for the environment. They protect nature, and they help create the compost needed by forests as well. Plus, ants are also known for being some great collector of items they found on the forest floors, and that’s why you can find quite a lot of stuff in ant nests, to begin with.

But it’s the cooperative behavior and the unique hierarchy system that intrigues most people. And that’s for a magnificent reason because ants are known to be social beings, yet despite that, no one will expect them to be so well-organized. In fact, ant societies work pretty much like a well-oiled machine, and they do have a variety of tasks for each member.

Ants are also known for helping plants pollinate, and they play an active role in keeping nature in a thriving state, just the way it is at this point. In fact, some ants help with the prevention of other pests! If you are even remotely interested in saving the forest and making sure that these ecosystems thrive on their own, you have to let ants live as they are an active part of this system. These ants are very important, and they will be able to bring you the help and success you need.

Are there any institutions that help protect ants? Yes, there are quite a lot of them in the US, here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Myrmecological  
  2. LSU AgCenter Research and Extension
  3. Texas A&MJ AgriLife Extension  
  4. University of South Bohemia and Biology Centre CAS 
  5. University of Florida 
  6. Purdue University 

As you can see, lots of organizations study ants all the time, and it’s easy to understand why they do that. Even if they are considered as pests because they end up creating a nest very close to our homes, ants have a pivotal role in our society. We need to respect these amazing insects if we want to preserve nature and wildlife because they are actively implicated in the wellbeing of our planet. Killing ants won’t solve our problems; we need to understand why these amazing insects are useful and, with their help, we might be able to create a better future. If you want to find out more about ants, it can be a good idea to use the research links above!

Are ants dangerous or should we protect them? IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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