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Why an Ant Pest Control Company is Best Suited to Address an Ant Infestation

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It is common to have ant infestations in homes since they provide a great source of food and shelter for ants. Most ants go into homes in search of food, water and shelter. Where they find this in abundance, they are most likely to settle in close proximity to your home or even within it. Common house ants are mostly harmless but become a nuisance and may be destructive when they grow in numbers. It is therefore important to ensure that you can prevent this by identifying and dealing with any infestations as early as possible an ant pest control company can help achieve this.

Common Types of House Ants

Some of the common types of ants that you can find around a domestic setting include fire ants, harvester ants and carpenter ants. Fire and harvester ants can be disturbing as they sting people as well as pets. In high numbers, these can cause a lot of havoc around the house. Carpenter ants on the other hand usually cause a lot of structural damage in a home’s structure. This is especially the case when they set up their nest within the home. It is important to note that ants only become pests when they infest your home and cause disturbances at which point you can call in an ant pest control company to address the infestation.

How an Ant Pest Control Company Typically Deals With an Infestation

Dealing with an infestation requires a lot of due care to avoid a recurrence. If you do not deal a fatal blow to the ants’ nest, they are bound to reemerge after a short period of time. First it is vital that you pin point the location of the ants nest. To locate the nest you can follow the trail left by foraging ants as they carry food back to the nest. After you have identified the nest you can choose different methods of killing the nest and the ants within it. An ant pest control company normally uses insecticide sprays and baits to resolve pest problems around homes.

Insecticide sprays have to be sprayed around and into the nest to make sure they penetrate the entire nest considering the complex structure of these nests.  Baits work in a different way; by carrying the baits laid by an ant pest control company into their nests, foraging ants play a vital role in poisoning their nests. Baits are placed around the common trails used by the ants where these ants carry them into their nests. Suitable baits can be selected depending on the severity of the infestation.

To comprehensively deal with an ant infestation it is important to identify which ants have populated your home so as to determine the best course of action to take. Contact Antworks for a professional opinion and ant identification. 

Why an Ant Pest Control Company is Best Suited to Address an Ant Infestation IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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