Antworks Pest Control Mission:

I became an exterminator with the intention of providing the best pest control services in Portland OR. I had a desire to approach the environment, customer service and value of pest control services in a different way. Antworks Pest Control’s Mission is to put these three things together, resulting in the ultimate experience.

True Environmental Protection, Excellent Value and Pest Control Services Portland OR.

We protect the environment by implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices into all of our treatments. IPM practices don’t just rely on the use of pesticides, but what is “environmentally” causing you to have a pest problem and allows us to work toward a long term solution. This makes a complete pest inspection of the area a high priority. During inspection, Antworks Pest Control determines why customers are experiencing pest problems and allows us to establish a resolution. 

Considering that numerous pest species exist, it is important that our pest control services and products are tailored to fit each type of infestation. Various pest control services in the Portland OR area claim to be “green” but spray large quantities of cheap, ineffective, insecticides which result in multiple treatment contracts. We reject that kind of Green Approach

We guarantee our pest control services with a one time treatment that is cost effective and environmentally safe.

Because of the Antworks Pest Control Mission, we can offer pest control services in Portland OR to our customers at a cost effective price.