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Why Pest Control is so Important

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Rat on kitchen counter. Antworks talks about why having professional pest control is so important in Portland OR and Vancouver WA.

Just about every homeowner has dealt with pests at one time or another. At times, it seems as if an infestation is not that big of a deal. Instead of becoming complacent, you should develop and follow an effective plan for pest management. Here are some reasons why professional pest control is so important.

Pests and Threats To Your Health

Name a pest and there’s likely some type of health issue associated with it. From stings that trigger allergies to exposure and waste that impact your respiratory system, the threats to your physical well-being are real. The only effective way to avoid bacteria exposure is to keep your home pest-free.

Damage to Your Home

Effective pest management also helps prevent damage to your home. Rodents like rats and mice can chew through insulation, electrical wiring, personal belongings, cardboard boxes, newspapers, family heirlooms, and more using their sharp teeth. And termites are incredibly destructive hollowing out any wood sources.
Pests and Food Contamination

Once pests find their way into food containers, there’s no option but to toss it out. Roaches, mice, and other pests can easily get through paper containers. Some can even make it through bags to reach dry pasta and similar products. Unless you want to spend more money replacing damaged food than you do on foods that you actually get to eat, come up with a solid plan for pest control.

The Stress of Living With Pests

Have you considered the stress that comes with having pests in your home? You wake up suddenly because something ran over your feet. Movement out of the corner of your eye makes you jump. Turning on a light and seeing roaches or mice scatter isn’t a picnic either. Effective management of pest issues reduces the stress and gives your nerves a respite.

Understanding the Concept of IPM

What’s the best way to deal with pests? Consider a strategy called Integrated Pest Management. IPM begins with identifying the types of pests that may be present and monitor signs that the infestation is getting worse. The next three steps on setting thresholds or points to take action, make changes that minimize the potential for future infestations, and settling on a means to control any problems that do arise.

Don’t take the idea of professional pest control lightly. Use the basics of IPM to develop a proactive plan for keeping the home pest-free. Making the effort will be good for you on just about any level one can imagine.

Why Pest Control is so Important IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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