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Spider in the bathroom in Vancouver WA and Portland ORThere’s nothing worse than getting ready for a relaxing shower, just to discover a giant spider by the faucet. Though it can be alarming to find an eight-legged critter in your shower, it’s actually a pretty common occurrence – after all, spiders seem to love bathrooms.

Why Spiders Love the Bathroom

The bathroom may seem like a strange place for spiders to hang out, but these areas often have everything a spider could need. Many different kinds of spiders prefer damp environments, making bathrooms the perfect spot. Between humidity from the shower and water from the faucets or toilet, the bathroom has plenty of moisture to keep spiders happy.

Spiders may also become trapped inside your bathtub. Since most bathtubs are perfectly smooth and curved, it can be difficult or impossible for a spider to crawl up the sides or use a web to get out. So, if you see a spider in the tub, it may be just as upset about the situation as you are.

How Do Spiders Get in the Bathroom?

You may be wondering how spiders keep finding themselves in your bathroom, especially if yours doesn’t have any windows or obvious openings. This can cause people to worry that spiders are entering through the pipes, which isn’t the case. Thanks to the u-bend in your drain pipes, spiders are unable to crawl through your drainage system.

Instead, spiders typically crawl through your air vent, flooring, roof panels, or tiny cracks in the wall. Spiders are very small and can fit through tight spaces, so you may even not notice the space they’re using to enter.

Tips for Keeping Spiders Out of the Bathroom

If you keep finding spiders in your bathroom, it may be time to take some preventative steps. Here are a few ways to keep spiders from entering your bathroom:

  • Seal off any obvious cracks or openings. Holes in your walls, flooring, or ceiling are perfect for spiders to crawl through. Sealing these off can block pests from entering.
  • Keep the window closed or check your screen for holes. If you have a window in your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure there aren’t any openings that spiders can use to get inside.
  • Keep your bathroom clutter-free. Spiders like to hang out in places where they won’t be disturbed. The more clutter in your bathroom, such as newspapers or bottles, the more areas that spiders can hide.

If you’ve tried these steps and still have persistent spiders entering your bathroom, it may be time to call in a professional. That’s where the experts at Antworks Pest Control can come in handy! Serving the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area, our experienced technicians can help rid you of your spider problem quickly and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our spider removal services or to schedule an appointment!