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Pest-Proof Your Home Before Spring

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Flowers blooming in a home garden. Antworks serving Portland OR and Vancouver WA talks about why you should pest-proof your home before spring.Spring is right around the corner, so now is a good time to talk about spring pests. Many pests including, spiders, ants, rats, mice, mosquitoes, and wasps will begin to come out as the temperatures begin to warm up and they may become a nuisance. Learn the common spring pests in the Pacific Northwest and how to keep them out of your home this spring.

What are the Most Common Spring Pests?

Below is a list of the most common spring pests in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Houseflies
  • Rodents

Keep in mind, each of these pests brings with them their own problems. Some are simply a nuisance while others carry potentially harmful diseases or painful bites.

Pest-Proof Your Home

Walk around the perimeter of your home and take note of any structural deficiencies like cracks in your foundation or gaps in your siding. Examine utility wires and insulation, looking for any gnaw marks. Inspect your attic and basement for signs of pests.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Food is one of the biggest reasons pests are attracted to homes. Practice good housekeeping. Pick up crumbs, don’t leave uneaten food out (including pet food), wipe countertops, throw out your trash regularly, and store pantry food in airtight containers.

Store Firewood Away from Your Home

If you keep firewood on your property, be sure to store it at least 20 feet away from your home and at least two feet off the ground. Many pests are attracted to woodpiles including rats, mice, ants, and other insects.

Seal Gaps and Holes

Use a silicone-based caulk to seal crevices on your home’s exterior, including where pipes and utilities enter the home and around windows. Install a screen on your chimney and door sweeps on any doors leading to the outside. Don’t forget your garage door. These methods will help eliminate a space that rodents or insects may use to gain access to your home.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

It may still be cold outside, but you don’t want to neglect your yard. Pick up any debris and foilage on your lawn and trim back bushes and tree branches. Rodents especially will use vegetation to keep hidden while on the search for entry holes on your home. You’ll also want to clean out your gutters and remove sources of standing water. Wasps, hornets, and mosquitoes are attracted to standing water.

It’s best that you pest-proof your home before the spring season arrives. This will help prevent any unwanted spring pests out of your home. If you’re dealing with a serious pest infestation, it’s best to contact a licensed pest control professional. They have the tools and knowledge to eliminate any pest and prevent any future problems.

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