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Spiders have a complicated history with humans. Not all of us get along very well! If you’re creeped out by the sight of a spider, or you’re worried about spiders crawling into your house in the fall, read on for more tips!

Types of Spiders Inside the House

Antworks provides expert pest control services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.There is a general misunderstanding about spiders and where they live, and here it is: spiders can live inside and outside. Not true! There are spiders that can’t live outside, and there are spiders that can’t live inside.

Basically, the species of spiders found indoors is almost always a type of house spider. These spiders are not harmful and usually can’t even bite humans. This spider has evolved to live inside of human dwellings, and they can live on far less food than outside spiders, content to catch a fly or a mosquito here and there. Most are webspinners of some kind, and you probably have seen some of their handiwork.

Poisonous Spiders Within a Home

There are a few species of spider sometimes found indoors that are not so friendly.

  • Black widows, yellow sac spiders, and hobo spiders prefer to live outside, but sometimes find themselves inside by accident.
  • None of these species will bite unless they feel cornered, and it take a lot to produce those conditions:
    • Squeezing them
    • Trapping them between skin and clothing
    • Sweeping them against walls with a hand.

If you are bitten by any of these spiders, medical attention is absolutely advised; though none of their bites is fatal, there can be serious allergic reactions.

Types of Spiders Living Outside

As you might imagine, there are far more spiders outside than inside homes. Spiders who have evolved to live outside generally prefer hunting, or prefer to live in isolated, non-disturbed locations. These spiders cannot survive for long within a human dwelling, because they need much more food than house spiders. If you do see an “outside” spider indoors, it’s not going to live for very long. Any spider that is not classified as a house spider lives outdoors, and that encompasses tens of thousands of species.

Why Do Spider Come Inside?

The truth is, they don’t. Not on purpose, anyway. If you see a larger amount of spiders within your home during the late summer and early fall, those are probably male house spiders, looking for a mate. And the increase in webs right after this time? That is a result of female house spiders frantically looking for a place to lay their eggs before winter. If you have a lot of spiders inside, it’s because they’ve been there the whole time–you just haven’t seen them.

Spiders who prefer to live outside will stay outside, unless they’re brought indoors on used furniture, within boxes, or on other belongings. Outdoors spiders do not feel cold, and they don’t need to come inside to escape it, but they could be coming in entirely by accident! Just be sure to inspect anything you bring inside for spiders or egg sacs: wear protective gloves and be careful!

Professional Extermination for House Spiders

If you have an overabundance of house spiders in the fall, the problem is not going to go away. These spiders will continue to live, breed, and hatch within your home until you get professional help. Call an experienced exterminator who knows how to identify species of spider, and get rid of those creepy-crawlies for good!