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Antworks provides expert pest control services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.Pests need water to survive, just like we do! Because moisture issues can grow slowly, or occur in little-used places around your property, it’s important to do regular seasonal inspections, to make sure your home is ready for winter. Antworks wants to make sure you’re as prepared as possible, so here are 5 ways to cut down on moisture and reduce pests this winter!

Best Methods to Reduce Pests by Reducing Moisture

  1. Make sure your crawl space and other interior spaces are winter ready!
    • Drainage can be a real concern under buildings. Make sure your crawl space has dried out from last winter, and can remain fairly dry over the winter.
    • Check your attic for any leaking or wet spots.
    • Check your basement for leaking or wet spots.
    • Repair moisture laden areas with care. It’s not enough to just get rid of the water–you want to be sure the problem is fixed completely.
  2. Keep rain gutters and downspouts clear of leaves and debris.
    • If fall debris is allowed to build up in gutters and along your roof, the water has no place to go–but your attic!
    • A wet attic can become a serious issue and attract insect pests.
  3. Rake all leaves and other fall debris from off of your lawn.
    • If leaves and sticks are allowed to collect in your yard, they can actually provide shelter for some pests, encouraging them to stick around and potentially attempt to get into your home.
  4. Make sure any deck or patio that is connected to your house has adequate ventilation underneath.
    • Most people don’t check regularly under their deck, but it can potential provide two very necessary things that pests are after in winter: water and shelter.
    • Make sure your deck, porch, or patio has adequate drainage–just like your crawl space.
  5. Eliminate standing water as much as possible.
    • Any kind of standing water is an invitation for pests to invade your yard or property.
    • Make sure every area of your yard–including exterior ditches lining your property–has adequate drainage.
    • By eliminating this standing water problem now, you’re also setting yourself up for success in spring, when mosquitoes and other pests look for breeding and feeding grounds.

Professional Pest Evaluations for Moisture

Antworks goes the extra mile to make sure your home is protected against pests. If you’re concerned that you’re not 100% ready for winter, or if you’re worried that any existing pest problems may get worse, give us a call. We provide comprehensive services for all of your pest control needs, including inspections, treatments, and monitoring!