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Why Do Ants Come Inside During the Summer?

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Antworks provides expert ant extermination services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR.Summer is the beginning of home-ant-invasions. While dealing with ants can be frustrating, there is hope in sight! Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting rid of ants.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House

First thing’s first: make sure your house isn’t giving ants what they want! All insects want three things: food, water, and shelter. Ants are primarily concerned with the first and second.

  1. Clean up all food items, crumbs, and puddles. Never leave anything on the floor, counter-top, or table that ants might find! Most ants love sugary substances, but there are some species that will eat anything and everything in sight.
  2. Sweep and mop regularly. You might not see the crumbs, but trust us–they’re there! Make sure your floors are as anti-ant as possible.
  3. Fix any leaks or drips. Ants need water too, which is why you might see ants in your bathroom or kitchen sink. Make sure that any leaks or drips from faucets or pipes are fixed and cleaned up.
  4. Store food in properly sealed containers. Don’t leave food in cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or other easily-accessible containers. If you store items in containers, make sure there’s no way for ants to crawl inside. Don’t leave bottles full of honey or sugary substances on the counter.

Still got ants crawling on your floors and walls? Read on for our ant home remedy suggestions!

Home Remedies for Ant Problems

Sometimes, no matter how clean your house is, you’ll still find ants trailing through your home and kitchen. Here are some easily available ant remedies to keep them away:

  • Ant traps: a household favorite. You can buy basic ant traps in grocery or hardware stores, but be careful if you have pets or small children. Ant traps have toxic poisons in them, and should never be used lightly! Always wash hands thoroughly after touching ant traps.
  • Cinnamon or cinnamon oil: this method can be hit or miss. Some species hate the smell of cinnamon, and will actively avoid it. Spray on doorways, windows, walls, and anywhere else you see ants coming in.
  • Vinegar: also known as acetic acid, vinegar can eliminate the trails of pheromones that ants use to find food sources. Odorous ants use pheromones to create a network of trails to find food or water sources. Spray counter-tops, walls, and floors with vinegar so ants can’t find their way back in.
  • Borax: put borax in small dishes (like bottle caps) in and around the places where you see ants the most. Borax smells sugary, making it appealing to ants, but it also slowly interferes with their digestive system. By the time they get back to the nest and pass the borax around, the effects will be complete, and the ants will start dying off. Most people recommend mixing borax with some kind of sugar to bolster its appeal. If you have pets or small children, Borax is not recommended. It also needs daily maintenance to remain effective.

Still Can’t Get Rid of Ants Inside?

It may be time to call an ant exterminator! Getting rid of ants can be an exhausting daily chore, and even the best home remedies are only half successful. If you’re still battling trail after trail of ants, or finding ants in your kitchen or bathroom, give us a call! Antworks has proven methods and experience with getting rid of ants for good.

Why Do Ants Come Inside During the Summer? IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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