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Why Are Wasps Invading My BBQ?

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Man seasoning grilled food. Antworks Pest Control in Portland OR & Vancouver WA explains why wasps may be invading your BBQ.With the warm and sunny weather, summer is the perfect time to host backyard BBQs. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy keeping wasps from crashing your gathering. Keep reading to learn about why wasps are attracted to your BBQ and what you can do to keep them away.

What are Wasps Attracted to in Summer?

In spring and early summer, wasps are attracted to protein in which they use to feed to their hungry and growing larvae.

Once fall arrives and the colony is done developing for the year, wasps will put their focus on sweet things. With plant nectar scarce this time of year, wasps become aggressive and seek out other sweets such as fruit, ice cream, soda, juice, and other picnic scraps.

Wasp Prevention Tips

To help ensure your BBQ isn’t ruined by wasps, keep the following pest control tips from Antworks in mind.

  • Eliminate standing water
  • Turn on some fans
  • Close your garbage bin lids tightly
  • Seal pet food containers
  • Remove fallen fruit on the ground
  • Cover drinks
  • Cover food

Wasp Control in Portland OR

If you’re seeing wasps around your home, don’t swat at them or try removing the nest yourself. Not only do wasps produce painful stings, but they can also sting repeatedly because they don’t have barbed stingers. Plus, wasps are very territorial when it comes to their nest. They release a pheromone that alerts others to convene and attack. If you’re allergic to wasps, that’s even more of a reason to not approach them.

Don’t put yourself at risk, instead turn to a pest control company like Antworks in Portland OR and Vancouver WA. We’ve been providing fast and reliable wasp control solutions since 2005. Our team is knowledgeable, licensed, and experienced in wasp control. They’ll locate the wasp nest and remove the nest safely.


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