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Ways to naturally discourage Portland ant pests

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When a lot of people think about Portland pest control services, the idea of using a lot of harsh chemicals comes to mind. For those who prefer a more “green” approach, there are many things that can be done without using a lot of man made toxins. The key is in discouraging pests from even becoming a problem. Another reason many people take these steps first it that over the counter pest control sprays tend to make problems worse instead of better, and can be a waste of money and time.

Keep it clean.

When it comes to pests such as ants and roaches, one of the biggest factor that can be a cause for their interest in your home is readily available food. Loosely stored food and poorly sealed containers can be like an inviting carnival for these insects. Keeping food stored away properly and keeping trash taken off or stored temporarily away from the house, such as near the curb or edge of the yard, are both important steps you can take to help discourage pests. Eliminating clutter is another step as well in making your home less inviting for many types of pests, such as insects and rodents. Stacks of papers and boxes are a veritable paradise from them to make a home in or use as a food source. Having a clean and mess free home is the simplest was to discourage pests from taking an interest in it.

Keeping moisture down and cracks sealed.

Basements in the Portland area are notoriously prone to moisture issues. Keeping the moisture down not only helps protect the wood in your home, it also help keep the air clean and makes it less appealing for certain types of insects. According to most Portland pest control services, homes that have moisture issues, especially in crawl spaces, are more likely to have insect issues. Ants, termites, and roaches are just a few of the insects that thrive in these settings. Moistened wood is easier to burrow into and can allow a colony to tunnel deeper into a home. Keeping cracks and opening properly sealed also make it harder in general for pests to get into your home.

Natural barriers and non-repellant treatments. 

There are many types of oils and plant extracts that act as natural repellants for insects. Most herbal remedies for ants tend to work for to keep them away instead of killing them. Once you have an infestation problem it can be a lot harder to impossible to just use barrier oils and herbals solutions. There are still low risk chemicals that are considered low to non toxic and safe to use for most people.

Pheromones with sticky bait traps and boric acid solutions, such as powders for lining in between walls and other such spaces, or combined with bait are other alternatives to using harsh chemicals. Boric acid is one that many people use in urban areas and when used properly and carefully can have a two fold effect of killing off harmful insects while not proving toxic in trace amounts to humans and animals.

However, just as with pheromone traps, the application and upkeep for using these kinds of pest control methods is tedious. In the end, these steps may be part of the advice given by the best and most effective method of treatment, which is using the services of your local Portland pest control company. Preventative measures, such as keeping things cleaned and sealed up properly, are part of complete pest control solutions.

Ways to naturally discourage Portland ant pests IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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