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Causes of Wasp Infestation

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Reasons Why You Have Wasps In Portland OR and Vancouver WAThe reasons for a sudden influx in wasps in homes and businesses can vary. Wasp infestations can be mild or severe, but the one thing they have in common is what a nuisance they are for homeowners and business owners.
Here are some reasons why you have wasps:

  • There is uncovered food outdoors. Wasps form nests in places where they know they’ll be hidden and have a nearby food source. If there is an outdoor space where food is eaten, there is a likelihood that wasps will be around. By making sure that no food is left behind, they are able to keep the pests from sticking around.
  • The trash can lid is open. Again, this is a place where food remnants remain. If wasps can enter the trash receptacle, they’re going to nest there. They won’t have to go far to find the food they need to survive.
  • There is pet food stored in an open area. Any type of food source including pet food attracts wasps. Keep dog and cat food in a sealed container that is airtight. Make sure to put the lid back on the bin every time it’s opened to keep wasp infestations away.
  • Someone wears sweet smelling perfume or lotion. Wasps love sweet smelling fragrances. They think of them as flowers. If a person or business routinely uses or sells these products, it’s important to make sure that doors and windows stay shut so that a wasp infestation doesn’t occur.
  • There is broken siding or panels. As with any other type of structural damage, entryways are discovered by the pests who then find corners of porches, patios, and rooms to lay their eggs. Remove wasp nests carefully the moment that they are discovered.

Wasps are the type of pest no one wants to have in their home or place of business. Not only are they a nuisance, they have powerful stingers that can cause injuries. Protecting the occupants of a home or visitors to a business are among the top priorities homeowners and business owners have.
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