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How to Eliminate Wasps

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How to Get Rid of Wasps in Portland OR and Vancouver WAWasps are one of the most common pest problems people encounter. Most men and women don’t know how to get rid of them. That’s why they ignore the problem until it worsens and demands attention.

Get rid of wasp nests safely by following the advice listed below. Although some homeowners and business owners prefer to get rid of wasps nests themselves, others find it too challenging. That’s why they call in professionals to help get rid of wasp nests.

Here’s how to get rid of wasps:

  • Take preventative measures. Want to know how to get rid of wasps? Take action! Scan the property to identify potential sources of wasps. For example, if a person or business routinely hosts cookouts on their property and leaves food uncovered, there is a good chance that is the cause of a wasp infestation. The same can be said about trash cans and dumpsters where food is disposed of. It’s important to take a few extra minutes to close lids tightly to prevent wasps from getting into the receptacles.
  • Locate wasp nests and knock them down. As long as a person has their face and body fully covered, they should be okay if they knock down a wasp nest. If the task seems too difficult or frightening, having a pest control professional do it is ideal.
  • Grow plants that repel wasps. Some pests cannot stand plants such as spearmint, thyme citronella, eucalyptus, and wormwood. The beautiful plants become a welcomed part of the landscaping at homes and businesses. People admire how the plants look and love how effective they can be at pest prevention.
  • Place peppermint oil soaked cotton balls around the outside of a structure. Wasps do not like the smell of peppermint. That’s why homeowners and business owners can try placing cotton balls soaked in essential oil in places where wasps keep their nests. Some places to consider are under porch roofs, ledges, crevices, and eaves.

People who can’t get rid of wasps on their own by following the DIY tips listed above call pest control specialists to do the job for them. By having experts get rid of wasp nests for them, they’re ensuring that they won’t have future problems with wasps. Gaining peace of mind, knowing that their property is pest-free, is something that most homeowners and business owners welcome.

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