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Treatments Needed to Get Rid of an Ant Infestation | Portland OR

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Ants can cause a nightmare in your house particularly when you have an infestation. The situation usually becomes insufferable during the yearly mating phase when ants come out of the colonies located under the floors and cavity walls of your homes. Both wingless and winged ants can become troublesome particularly when homeowners fail to seek for permanent solutions to deal with them. What you may not know is that your heating systems, which are active during the winter, encourage metabolism to take place.

The headache caused by ants’ infestation is unbearable and, as a result, many homeowners are forced to call in pest management experts. Experts advise that there is no single treatment approach that will permanently rid your household of ants. Implementation of continuous treatment methodologies coupled with strict monitoring is the only way to keep away ants permanently. The common mistake that homeowners make is to rely entirely on single treatment methods which are not sustainable for long-term prevention of ants. 

Common treatments for ants include Pesticides that have the ability to instantly kill ants. The only issue with these pesticides is the short residual life that only allows them to be effective for limited time periods. Typically, most pesticides only work for about one to two months before allowing ants to regroup and attack. A single treatment kills an ant population but doesn’t effectively deal with queens that lay eggs on a continuous basis. 

Pheromone Trails, on the other hand, are not completely destroyed by residual pesticides because trails take long to destroy. When the pesticide becomes weak, these trails become active again, and ants flock back to your home. Pest management professionals find it very difficult to trace ant pests. Destroying one nest doesn’t necessarily mean all of them have been destroyed. 

While it is perfectly fine to use pesticides to control ants’ infestation, homeowners also need to find experts to advice on alternative preventive techniques. Having a long term strategy of dealing with ants and other household pests delivers the best results. We have other types of treatment that focus on the exterior sections of the house. Small holes are drilled into cavity walls of the house. An insect powder is the applied into the cavity under high pressure. Doing this forms a secure barrier that makes it impossible for ants to pass through. A pesticide can then be used to ensure cavities remain effective for a long time. Experts advise this procedure to be done in the spring though it can be done any time of the year. 

In summary, the best way to deal with ants in your house is to adopt a recurring service that emphasizes sanitation and yard maintenance. Getting an expert who can do regular home visits to carry out various preventive techniques is the best solution. Single treatments only give immediate results but are not feasible for long term use. Do you need help with your Ant Infestation in the Portland OR area? Let us help! 

Treatments Needed to Get Rid of an Ant Infestation | Portland OR IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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