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Top Tips for Removing Rats from Your Attic

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Similar to other rodents, rats are always quick to take up residence in your home, particularly in a less populated area, such as the walls or attic. Once they have found shelter there, it can be daunting to get rid of them and keep them off not unless you have the right advice.

Rats are typically the most feared animals in this industrialized world because they can destroy your home. Besides, they can have ticks and fleas that carry deadly diseases such as plague. These rodents are often mistaken for mice but surprisingly they are different. Rats are much bigger, have larger feet and can cause more damage. Apart from diseases, rats will do more harm to your home. They will eat their way into the pantry and contaminate your food with their droppings, which is not sanitary. Additionally, they will gnaw their way into any part of your house to find a way to where they want to go. Rats have also been known to be catalysts in many house fires by chewing wires and carrying extremely flammable materials into the house.

Unlike mice, rats are not naturally curious and will often avoid any unfamiliar equipment and objects present in their environments. Most uniquely, rats will increase their reproductive rate if an existing rat population is almost exterminated. Attic rats are much dreaded, and the million dollar query here is “how do you remove Rats from your attic?”

Tip 1: Rat Traps- Glue Traps and Snap Traps

One of the most effective ways of removing rats from your attic is by using snap traps, but they should be the right size. To catch the rats effectively, it is advisable to place the snap traps in areas where rodent activity is present, but do not bait them for a fortnight. As they become accustomed to the new object in their surroundings, they’ll leave a trail of urine to mark them as safe. After the fortnight, you can set the traps.

Tip 2: Clean the House

Clutter is a rat’s best pal, and these rodents will often inhabit and reproduce in vast piles of clutter including clutter in the closets, basement and attic. Clutter must not be fabric, boxes, and bags since rats can chew their way through metal and squeeze through holes half an inch wide. Be sure to keep your kitchen clean and ensure the bathroom trash is regularly dumped. Depriving them food sources eliminates their desire to hang around your home.

Tip 3: Using Rat Professionals

Because of the difficulty associated with luring rats and appropriately sealing entry points, it is better to employ rat professionals in your attempts to these rodents from your home. Professionals have experience in removing rats from extremely sensitive places and can easily set traps, monitor, dispose of, investigate and seal any rat entry points.

In the attic, this can be daunting particularly if you have to do it yourself since soil batting often requires replacement. Rat professionals will replace the damaged batting, remove all snap traps and sanitize all the boards to get rid of pheromones that could trigger future infestation. Call All About Ants today for more information.

Top Tips for Removing Rats from Your Attic IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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