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Top Ten Most Shocking Insect Infestations

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We’re always telling you that not treating an infestation as soon as you suspect one is bad news. As Vancouver Washington’s professional pest control go-to team we’ve seen the damage caused by ants, cockroaches, rats and termites at first hand…and it’s not pretty.

Here is our line-up of ten famous cases from around the world of infestations that were left just a little too long.

1 Yellowjacket nests (2006)


Back in 2006 reports came in of giant wasp nests engulfing cars, derelict houses and barns. Normally no bigger than a basketball the wasp’s nests became massive. To make matters worse these wasps bear a grudge and will chase anything they perceive as a threat, including us!


2 Snakes in the water (2009)

[credit: NY Daily News]

When Ben Session moved his family into a new home in Rexburg, ID he had no idea what horrors lay in wait. The family, whose story was also taken up by CBS, were quoted as saying they would, “Lie awake in bed, listening to the snakes slithering in the walls”.


3 Gigantic cricket swarm (2013)


Crickets will eat just about anything. When drought hit Oklahoma in 2003 and was followed by larger than normal rains a few months later, the city was engulfed by billions of crickets. When the crickets died the streets were lined with their rotting corpses.


4 5,000 Brown Recluse spiders (2007)

[credit: TheBlaze]

It’s not often that a spider infestation becomes so bad that critters are seen, “Bleeding out of the walls”. But after Brian and Susan Trost moved in to their new home in Weldon Spring, Mo. they were at the mercy of upwards of 5,000 Brown Recluse spiders that were in, “Blinds, ceilings, fireplaces, lights [and] dropped from the ceiling”.


5 Texas mosquito swarm (1980)

[credit: National Geographic]

Plagues of mosquitos are usually a biblical concern but in the fall of 1980, a Texan farmer watched billions of the blood-sucking insects kill his livestock. The infestation lasted for weeks and came at a terrible cost.


6 NYC’s bedbug takeover (2010)


The famous bed-bug infestation of NYC was a phenomenon that hit its peak in 2010. Reports were of people being devoured at cinemas, the Wall Street Journal and Google’s New York HQ. One of the causes of the epidemic was down to “human ignorance”, according to prevention company, BedBug Central.


7 Madagascan locusts (2013)

[credit: Huffington Post]

At 15km long this locust swarm is one of the biggest recorded. With a notorious appetite for stripping fields of their crops the swarm devastated half the island’s arable land including rice and corn which was about to be harvested. It eventually died out but left the country with serious food shortages.


8 Memphis cobwebs (2015)

[credit: Metabunk]

Residents of Memphis, TN, were less than happy with the sight of nearly a half mile of spider webs engulfing their neighbourhood. Harmless sheet web spiders had laced everything with fine web in readiness for the dispersal of their young; pretty soon doors, windows and sidewalks were covered with small eight-legged freaks.


9 Albuquerque swarm (2014)


While the human population of New Mexico’s largest city enjoyed unseasonably hot winters, trouble was brewing just beneath the surface of the surrounding desert. Usually cold and wet, the winters would normally kill many grasshopper eggs. But it wasn’t to be, and the resulting swarms were so big they were picked up on radar.


10 China’s hornet deaths (2013)


The world’s largest hornet is native to Asia but it’s making its way across Europe according to experts. Its stinger is about 6mm long and has been known to kill people, even those not normally allergic to stings. An outbreak in China killed 42 people.

Top Ten Most Shocking Insect Infestations IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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