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Top Reasons Fall Pest Control is so Important

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Most homeowners already realize the importance of securing their homes against pests as the summer turns into fall. However, there are quite a few that don’t realize just how important it is to call in some form of reputable pest control to make sure their homes are secure and not going to be overrun by everything from rats to spiders when the temperatures start to plummet. With that being said, if you are one of those who doesn’t realize the importance of pest control in the fall read on below for some of the top reasons that fall pest control is extremely important.

Termites and the Long Winter Months

The first thing you need to know is that termites can do damage to your home all year long. However, in the winter months, it is less likely that you will find them all cozy and snug in their nests because you aren’t out and about in the yard as you are at other times of the year. Termites aren’t bears; they don’t hibernate. Instead, they are busy destroying your framework, and by spring you could have thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to repair. Calling in reputable pest control can save you tons of money when the flowers start to bloom once more.

Rats, Mice, and Diseases

Another important reason to have fall pest control performed on your property is rats, mice, and diseases. As the weather starts to cool, these rodents will start looking for places to build their nests. Your home is warm, safe, dry, and comfortable. They will quickly take up residence in your attics, basements or anywhere that they can carve out a hidey hole for themselves and their young. If you will, think about all of the diseases that rodents carry. You certainly don’t want a rodent that has been crawling around in gutters, sewers, and trash piles crawling across the counters of your kitchen when you and your family are sleeping. Calling in fall pest control can prevent that from happening before it ever begins.

Insects Galore

When the leaves start to fall, and the fireplaces are lit, ants, spiders, fleas, and other insects start looking for a place to get warm and ride out the winter. The nooks and crannies of your home are the perfect places for these insects to hold up until the winter is over. The only problem is they won’t leave when the flowers start to bloom, and your home will be infested before you know it, which will cost you a ton in the long run to have the place exterminated. Why not just call in a pest control company to safeguard your home against unwanted pests before the fall is done.

These are just a few of the reasons that fall pest control is so important. You don’t want to share your home with all sorts of pests over the winter. For more information on reputable pest control, contact the professionals at Antworks today.

Top Reasons Fall Pest Control is so Important IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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