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Top 5 Myths About Mice Revealed

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While some cartoons might portray mice as cute and cuddly as they scamper around the Christmas tree or run from that darned cat that can’t ever seem to catch them, in reality if you have one cute and cuddly mice you can pretty much be sure that you have a ton. That is why it’s so important that if you see a mouse in your home, you call in some form of pest control to take care of the problem for you. Part of the problem with mice is that there are tons of myths out there about them that just aren’t true. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top myths about mice that need to be revealed.

Myth # One: You Only have One Mouse in the House

 The myth that mice only invade a home one at a time is one of the biggest misconceptions out there today. You may think that you only have one solitary mouse, but you can be sure his friends will come calling very soon. This mouse friend will mate with your cute little mouse and six weeks later the infestation will begin. Before you know it, your home will be overrun, and nothing will be safe from their little teeth and disease spreading capabilities.

Myth # Two: Mice Love Cheese

 While this myth is half true, it’s nowhere near completely true. Mice will eat cheese, of course, however, they will eat everything from meat to their own feces as well. A mouse’s favorite snack, however, is grains and seeds.

Myth # Three: Mice Only Come Out at Night

 Again not true. A mouse will come out to nibble whenever it’s hungry. Not only do they nibble day or night, they usually come out hunting for food at least 20 times a day, sometimes more. That is a lot of time that the mouse is wandering your home, in search of the food that you feed your family and claiming it for his own.

Myth # Four: Mice are Afraid of Everything

 The saying “are you are man or a mouse,” clearing only relates to men because mice are not afraid of everything. They have no problems exploring new locations, whether it’s your kitchen cabinet or your bed. If they decide they want to claim it, they will crawl in right beside you and try to take up residence.

Myth # Five: Mice are Incontinent

 This is the scariest myth of all, and the thought of it is enough to turn your stomach. Mice are not incontinent, as a matter of fact, they tend to urinate all of the time, in order to mark their territory. This means that that furry cute little mouse you like, and his tons of friends, are constantly urinating on your stuff. Now, how nasty is that?

These are just a few of the myths that need to be dispelled about mice. For more information, you can contact the professionals at AllAboutAnts today

Top 5 Myths About Mice Revealed IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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