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Top 3 Ants that could invade your home and how to prevent it

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Ants have a critical role to play in the ecosystem, but they can turn into pests once they invade your home seeking shelter, food or even both. Every homeowner dreads an ant invasion and will in most cases look for the fastest way to eradicate them. Pest control has surprisingly become the way of living for many homeowners especially those who reside in the suburbs. There are some common ants to come across in your home.

Pavement Ants: they are known as pavement ants because they are often known to shelter in pavement cracks. Of all other ants, these ants are very invasive. They are quite small and brown and can crawl up to 30 feet away from their nests in search of food. It is their invasive nature that sees them end up creating nests under floors and in walls.

Odorous House Ants: Their name is as a result of the smell that comes from them when you crush them. They are among the few pests that are most troublesome to combat. This is because they live in large colonies having more than 10,000 ants and dozens of Queens. They are particularly smart and will not fall victim to your pesticides.

Carpenter Ants: These ants often make tunnels in rotting wood or trees but prefer to nest in hollow areas that have proximity to water or food. Once they make their way through small cracks, they can infest any empty spaces, insulation or wood. One misconception about these ants is that they eat wood which is very wrong.

These ants can be a menace to your home and combating them should not be an option. Here are some ways to prevent an ant invasion in your home.

Use Vinegar

Ants tend to communicate with each other using touch, unique sounds, and pheromones which are usually chemical signals or just scent trails. Ants can easily perceive odors with their antennae and can tell the intensity and direction of smells. If a worker ant finds food, it marks a trail that leads back to the colony which can lead the other ants to the food source. By using white vinegar on any of their paths or entrances, you will disrupt their scent trails which make it difficult for them to creep back to the food source they have been invading.

The Ant Honey Pot

If you are a homeowner focusing so much on getting rid of ants, you are probably doing it wrong. If you have done almost everything you can to exterminate ants and it doesn’t seem to work, you need to try a new trick-diversion. You don’t want to attract ants to your abode, but if a colony has its camp just near your house, a diversion can be the right way to go. Once they are sure that your honey pot is much better that the food they’ve been looking for, you can lay something that will prevent them from getting back to their nest causing them to seek new nests. Contact All About Ants today for more information.

Top 3 Ants that could invade your home and how to prevent it IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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