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Tips for Keeping Ants Out of Your House

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Ants can be a big pain, especially if they have invaded your house. Getting rid ants can be easy, as long as you know what to do. Here are some helpful tips to keep ants out of your house.

Keep Your Home Sound

Ants love small spaces. They typically make their home in decayed wood, mulch, or places with moisture. Make sure all small openings and cracks are sealed off from the outside to prevent these little pests from making your house their own.

Clear Your Home of Trails

Ants sometimes leave a bad smell because of their pheromone trails. Once you’ve found the smell, get rid of it by using a soapy sponge. The soap helps to get rid of the chemical and it will wash away the trail they use to find their way around.

Vinegar can be a great option when trying to get rid of ants. Ants don’t like the smell, which is helpful for eliminating the trails they use in order to find their way around. Make sure you scrub down your counters and under the sink in order to prevent them from finding their way back.

Ants don’t like certain smells. Like vinegar, they don’t like coffee. If you’ve found ants in your house, find where they are entering and place coffee grounds. This will make them want to find a new place to annoy with their presence.

Ant Repellent

If you like the idea of a natural ant repellent, try using a powder or chalk. Find their trail and cover it with the powder. It will deter them from the path.

Ants also don’t like citrus. Citrus peel is toxic to ants, so by placing citrus peels around the outside of your home or where you know they live, you can get rid of them sooner.

You can also try baiting them. They like sugar, so make a powdered sugar trap by placing it in the place where you know they like to be. A washing detergent like Borax will kill them. Mix the two together and the ants won’t know what hit them.

Keep a Clean House

By keeping your house clean overall it will help more than anything. If you have leaky pipes or faucets, fix them because ants love moisture. Also, make sure all food left out is put away and sealed correctly. This will limit their opportunities to thrive in your home.

If your ant problem is to the point of no return, you can contact a pest control, such as Antworks Pest Control. They will help you get rid of the little pests as well as making sure they won’t come back. So if you’re little problem is bigger than you thought, contact a pest control.

As you can see, ants can be a pain if they’re in your home. Keeping them out of your home can be easy if you know what to do and how to do it. You can get rid of these pests by keeping your house clean, using natural ingredients, or even calling an exterminator. Take the time to put the tips above to use and get your home back.

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