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When is it time to call in a Portland pest control company for an ant problem?

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A lot of people make the assumption that its easy to handle something like an ant problem. The scenario tends to play out something along the lines of walking the aisles at the store, comparing pricing and ingredients in different bug sprays or traps, making a selection and heading home. Let us say in this example the ants in question are tiny light brown ants with a darker tip to their bottoms. You go home and wage chemical warfare, either with man made or naturally sourced toxins. A day or two may pass where you feel like you’ve won. But then, they start coming back and before you know it, the problem is twice as bad as it was before.

Why this sort of thing of happens.

In this instance, you have encountered a species of ant known as the pharaoh ant. It is one of the most difficult to remove and can often become even more difficult when over the counter products are used. Unlike your typical ant colony, they respond to attacks on the queen, which is what most over the counter baits and poisons target, by budding into new colonies. Also unlike other types of ant, you won’t see it happen because they don’t swarm out to breed like other species. It almost always takes a professional pest control company to take care of this breed. There are a lot of things that blanket bug sprays and products don’t tell you about the insects they can kill, and with things like ants, just killing a few of them will not do much in getting rid of them in the long run.

Who to call and what to expect.

Portland pest control companies, like Antworks Pest Control, are staffed by knowledgeable personnel who know the ins and outs of the different species and how to treat for them effectively. They can render a comprehensive evaluation of the situation and layout the most likely to succeed plan of action. From targeting problematic areas around the perimeter of the house to issue inside that may be inviting the ants in, exterminators have the knowledge and skills to help.

When a specialist comes out to assess the infestation they will do a complete walk around. Aside from where you have see the ants, they will examine all potential areas that are being overlooked. Depending on what the pest is, they can then discuss options and plans for treatment. Once you choose what works best for your home and budget, they can usually start that day. They will also give instructions on what you can do around the home to help discourage the pests. Depending on the level of infestation and type of pest that is being dealt with, it may take a series of visits and treatments before the problem is entirely eliminated. Once it is under control though, it is often a good idea to consider having regular preventative treatments to help ensure they don’t come back.



When is it time to call in a Portland pest control company for an ant problem? IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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