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The pros and cons of removing spiders completely from your home

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Spiders are a very common household pest, and research indicates that two out of three homes have spiders. Spiders have a bad reputation as being scary, aggressive, or deadly. In reality, most types of common household spiders are just looking for food, water, and shelter. If seeing a spider scurrying across the floor or dangling in a web doesn’t make shivers run down your back, you might be interested in benefiting from the spider’s natural gift of pest control management.

Many people are afraid of spiders, especially their bite. However, aside from a few species, most spider bites do little more to humans than cause itching and irritation. Also, most species of spiders don’t want to bite you, and will only do so if they feel endangered or threatened. If it were up to most people, they would probably chose to have every spider removed from their residence. However, even though spiders are viewed by most people as pests, they can also be beneficial to have around. Personal comfort level is typically what determines whether or not you need a spider exterminator. Removing spiders from your home does have its advantages:

  • One advantage of removing spiders from your home is that it provides a tidier place to live in. Spiders build and live in webs, and leave their abandoned cobwebs in high ceiling corners, on the walls, behind bookshelves, and around lighting fixtures. If you’re tired of sweeping up and wiping down spider webs, spider extermination is an easy way to ensure that your home stays tidy and free of spiders and their homes.
  • Another advantage of removing spiders completely from your home is that it helps eliminate the fear of spiders and unwanted spider bites. Arachnophobia is the most common creature-based phobia, and if the thought of unwanted spider bites keep you up at night, you might benefit from spider extermination.

On the other hand, removal of spiders from your home can also have some disadvantages:

  • To begin with, spiders are known to eat other insects, so eliminating them from your home means that you leave room for other pests to take over. Spiders catch and feed on common household pests like house flies, mosquitoes, and roaches. If spiders are allowed occupy some of your home space, you might see that other pesky insects will disappear with time. This makes spiders an effective, natural pest control measure.
  • Spider presence in your home could also help protect your health. As long as your home is not infested with venomous spiders, spiders can help reduce the population of pests that can lead to human and hygiene-related illnesses. Pests known to carry disease such as fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bed bugs will find themselves listed on the spider’s menu. By allowing spiders to remain in your home, they could help reduce the populations of these disease-carrying critters, minimizing your risk of contracting an illness via an insect bite.

Although most spiders normally prey on other small insects and pests, there are specific species like the yellow sac and brown recluse that should be avoided at all costs. These spiders are extremely dangerous to human beings, and their bites can lead to serious health complications, and worst of all, death. However, the nonpoisonous and harmless variety of common household spiders can be a great benefit to your home.

The pros and cons of removing spiders completely from your home IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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