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The Best Way to Effectively Trap Mice

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When it comes to eliminating mice, mouse raps are an effective, non-toxic method. They’re affordable and all you need to do is add cheese, set it, and forget it, right? Not exactly. If you really want to eliminate a mouse problem quickly and effectively read more. In this blog post, we’re revealing 7 of the best tips when using mousetraps.

Wear Gloves

Mice have a keen sense of smell and will avoid mousetraps if they can smell you. Wear gloves anytime you handle mousetraps and bait to help prevent mice from detecting your scent.

Use the Proper Bait

Mice and cheese are a common stereotype, but it isn’t the best choice for luring a mouse. Cheese tends to dry when left out. Peanut butter, almond butter, and other high-protein snacks would make better bait options. Gumdrops, beef jerky, and marshmallows are other snacks known to attract mice.

Apply the Right Amount of Bait

Speaking of bait, you’ll want to apply a good amount of it on your trap, but not too much. If you apply too much, a mouse will simply reach in and grab it without even setting off the trap.

Place Your Traps Along Walls

Mice steer clear of large open areas, this is why if you’ve ever spotted one, it’s likely running against a wall. Place your mouse traps perpendicular to the wall with the bait closest to the wall, that way if a mouse runs past, it has a better chance of being caught.

Set Multiple Traps

Another way to increase your chances of capturing a mouse is by setting out more than one mousetrap in your home. We recommend you set mousetraps about 2 to 3 feet from each other for better success.

Start with Unloaded Mousetraps

Mice are very reluctant about new things. If they see a mousetrap in their path, they may avoid it. One very effective strategy for mousetraps is to start with deactivated traps first. Place the traps out as we mentioned above — baited and all. Only, don’t set the spring. This will allow the mice to become acclimated to the traps and deem them as safe. After a few nights, set the traps.

Check Your Mousetraps Regularly

Mousetraps require perseverance. You’ll want to occasionally check on your traps to ensure they have fresh bait and that the spring is set. Sometimes mice can swipe bait without setting off the trap and other times they’ll set off the trap and not get caught.

Effective Mouse Control

If you have a mouse infestation in your home or you want to make your home less vulnerable to rodents, contact your local pest control company, like Antworks. We’re highly certified in taking care of residential and commercial pest problems. We’ll help you identify vulnerable spots in your home and offer you effective and safe treatment options.

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