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Tips to Prevent Termites

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How to Keep Termites Out - Portland OR Vancouver WAMen and women need solutions as to how to keep termites out of their homes and businesses. The pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage in no time flat. That’s because wood contains cellulose, a delicacy enjoyed by termites. When there is an infestation of termites, they feast on structures, weakening and destroying them.

Finding ways to keep termites out takes time. It may include a lot of labor, too. For novices, it may pose to be very challenging to get rid of the pests if they’ve not had experience doing so in the past.

Here are ideas on how to keep termites out:

  • Actively look for signs of termites. Scan the property to see potential weak spots in it. If a termite infestation is present, don’t ignore it. Instead, come up with solutions as to how to keep termites out for good.
  • Get rid of wood piles and broken boards. It’s easy to accumulate a fairly large woodpile following winter or a big project. That doesn’t mean that the boards and logs should remain where they are, however. Homeowners and business owners are essentially building a breeding ground for termites when they leave wood standing for long periods of time. When the boards and logs get wet, they provide termites with the moisture needed to survive. 
  • Look for standing water and if possible, make sure it gets drained. Clearing an area around the home’s foundation for drainage is a necessity. That way water doesn’t pool up and create the moist environment termites love. Also, any container that fills with water quickly should be dumped after heavy rainfall or a day after it has been left filled. This includes watering cans, buckets, pails, plastic containers, and water barrels.

Termites cause structural damage. They are the type of pests that cannot be ignored. By attempting to keep termites out of a property, homeowners and business owners are able to save their homes and businesses from significant damage and costly repairs.

If termites are already present at a property, calling pest control experts takes care of the issue quickly. They go the extra mile to make sure that every termite is gone. They also provide additional pointers for homeowners and business owners to follow to ensure that there aren’t future problems with termites to deal with.

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