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Stop Wasps from Ruining Your Summer

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Antworks Pest Control provides wasp control and removal services in Vancouver WA and Portland OR. Almost everyone has felt the sting of a bee, wasp, or hornet. Always painful, sometimes dangerous, a sting from a wasp can ruin a perfect summer picnic. By understanding wasps and wasp behavior, you can minimize the risk of coming into contact with these stinging insects this summer, protecting your yard, yourself, and your family from harm.

Wasp Stings are a Serious Risk

Stings are sometimes more than painful or uncomfortable–they can be deadly! Different types of bees, wasps, and hornets all deliver different kinds of stings. Social bees can range from docile to incredibly aggressive, and unless you know exactly which species you’re dealing with, it’s very difficult to predict wasp behavior. Some species swarm, and the human body can easily be overwhelmed by hundreds of stings at once.

Besides for swarming or multiple stings, fatal allergic reactions can also be a result of disturbing a wasp nest. While some people who are allergic to bees or wasps carry an Epipen in case of emergency, not everyone knows if they’re allergic to wasps until they’re stung–which can easily turn into a medical crisis. It’s always best to minimize the risk of being stung by a wasp.

What Attracts Wasps

Wasps hatch in spring, and by mid and late summer, their populations are staggering, and their food preferences turn from sugar to protein. This usually results in low food availability, which sends the wasps scavenging. Here are some sources of wasp attraction:

  • Your picnic or backyard barbeque is a literal feast for wasps, and they will eat anything they can land on. Cover any open containers of food, make sure all drinks are covered, and try not to use straws.
  • Clothing can often mimic the bright colors of fruit, and perfume can imitate the scent of a flower. Put these two together, and you have a high chance of attracting wasps. Colors that wasps like typically include saturated purple, blue, and yellow.
  • Cover all garbage and wipe up sugary liquids. This should go without saying, but wasps will eat human garbage. Make sure all garbage areas are away from the outdoor tables, and make sure any garbage cans or bags are completely sealed.
  • Don’t let wasps build nests. This is another easy one, but if you see a nest early in spring, remove it. Wasps aren’t going anywhere unless you kick them out! Always make sure you remove the small nest in a safe way, and if you’re in any doubt with your ability to remove it safely, don’t touch it. Leave it to a professional.

Stop Wasps From Coming Back

By maintaining clean backyard conditions and sealing garbage areas, you can eliminate attracting wasps. But what can you do to prevent them permanently? Consider calling a professional wasp exterminator, who can remove nests and advise you on any potential future wasp nesting spots. Professional pest control experts can identify the species of bee, hornet, or wasp, giving you tips and tricks on how to avoid specific problems.

Stop Wasps from Ruining Your Summer IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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