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Stop Sugar Ants Before Their Spring Invasion

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When spring starts to appear, nature is beginning a new cycle. Flowers and green plants begin to bloom and thrive, but it’s also a time when unwanted pests–like sugar ants–start to invade your home! While sugar ants, also known as odorous house ants, pose no real danger, they can be annoying if they are allowed to take control of your kitchen. It’s best if you can take early steps to stop their spring invasion. This can be done by utilizing a few basic household prevention steps and professional pest control treatments.

How To Control Odorous House Ants

To help ensure that these ants stay out of your home, it will help to do the following:

  • Take a pair of trimming shears and cut back any shrubs or bushes that are close to your home.
    • This removes any access points where ants might try to enter
  • Be sure to cover and put away leftover food.
    • Make sure that your counters are kept clean and wipe away any tiny food particles or splatters of grease
  • Remove excess pet food from their bowls when they’re not eating.
    • This not only helps keep away odorous house ants, but other pests such as flies and mice.
  • Keep a tight seal on your garbage cans

Choose A Specialized Pest Control Treatment for Ants

When you’re attempting to stop the invasion of trailing ants, it’s important to understand how they maneuver. You never want to use an indoor spray, as this will just kill the workers inside your home. After trying this method and thinking that you’ve stopped their march, you’ll soon find that other ants will appear after following the scent, which was laid down by the first wave of incoming ants.

Utilizing a professional pest control treatment on the perimeter of your house will typically be the best method to use. By stopping the ants on the outside, it won’t give them a chance to crawl under siding or find open crevices where they can crawl in and cause a problem.

Another solution is to have a professional pest control treatment company locate any nests and treat them too. By using an expert to handle this task, you’ll be utilizing skilled individuals who can identify the specific species that are on your property. This helps narrow down the type of treatments that will work best to totally eliminate and stop the spread of any sugar ants that you would like to see disappear.

If you want to stop odorous house ants before they begin to invade your home this spring, call Antworks! We’d be happy to use our revolutionary ant treatment to protect your home.

Stop Sugar Ants Before Their Spring Invasion IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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