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Spiders can be helpful sometimes, and a nuisance at others.

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There are millions of spiders in the world, and thousands of species, each with a unique appearance and habits. Often times, spiders can be extremely helpful in keeping other pests populations under control. They eat insects such as flies, roaches, and just about any other pest that wanders into its web or path. They can even prevent other types of spiders from moving into an area. However, there are times when they themselves begin to over populate. One service provided by most Portland pest control companies is spider management. Unlike most other pest insects, these arachnid invaders often require a multistage approach in order to get them back under control. Most pests, such as ants or even roaches, tend to build nests and have communities. Spiders do not have a complex society structure and each one operates independently of others.


Where spiders tend to be found by Portland pest control services.


There are several varieties of spiders that can be found in and around homes in Oregon. The two main types are either hunter or web-makers. Hunting spiders roam and tend to stay outdoors, unless they are prowling in search of a mate, which the most frequent reason to find these types inside homes. Web making spiders, also tend to prefer outdoor settings such as shrubs and trees. Inside the home, if there are web making spiders, then they tend to congregate in the nooks and crannies, such as attics and cellars. Most Portland pest control companies can help inspect and clear out common troublesome areas in and round the home, as well as help establish a prevention plan to keep them out.


The hobo spider, often confused with other spiders.
The hobo spider is the most common spider pest that can lead home owners and landlords to employing a Portland pest control company. It tends to make a funnel like web in the ground, often near the base of the home and behind plant growth. Its mass of webbing is spread over the ground and, not unlike a typical trapdoor spider, it will hide in a tunnel and only attack when prey crosses the silken trap. Humans are not typically bitten by spiders unless they encroach unknowingly on their nest and make the spider feel threatened. Female hobo spiders are more likely to bite due to being protective of an egg sac. The bite of a hobo spider can cause necrotic lesions in some people, which is why they rank among the most pesky of spiders.


The Black Widow and the Brown Widow are the next two biggest pest in the Portland, OR area.


Black widow spiders are found all over the United States, and can sometimes be a problem that requires a Portland pest control service. They tend to invade dark and musty places, which makes any sort of storage, be it in an attic, cellar, or shed, the ideal environment for these rather painful and potentially lethal spiders. A close cousin to the Black Widow is the Brown Widow, which has become more of a nuisance in the Portland, Oregon area since early 2014. The Brown Widow has the body shape of the Black Widow, but the dark and light brown coloring of many other common spiders. While not as deadly as the Black Widow, Brown Widows can still be an unpleasant nuisance to deal with.

Spiders can be helpful sometimes, and a nuisance at others. IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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