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Types of Mouse Destruction

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Antworks talks about mouse destruction and rat destruction.

It can be disgusting to find a rat or mouse in your home, but what’s more frightening is the harsh damage they can cause, especially if there’s an infestation. Antworks has highly certified exterminators that do an exceptional job of removing rats, mice, and other rodents. Below are the most common mouse destruction issues.

Structural Damage

Rats and mice have sharp teeth and will chew through anything including sheetrock, wood, and upholstered furniture. Mouse destruction to a structure also includes defecating and nest-building.

Electrical Damage

Rats and mice will also chew through electrical wires. Not only can electrical damage be costly, but it can also be dangerous. Fires can easily start if the protective coating over wiring has been gnawed off. Even worse, rat destruction can even include the electrical panels that control your home’s entire electrical system.

Mouse Destruction to Your Home’s Systems

Rodent destruction doesn’t end at your home, it’s very common for mice and rats to munch their way into your appliances, air conditioning units, and air ducts. This is not only damaging, but your family could also be exposed to air contaminated with rodent dander, urine, and feces. A house inspection by an exterminator will reveal the passages rats and mice have made, where they’ve nested, and where they’ve died so they can remove the pests.

Damage to Personal Belongings

Like previously mentioned, rodents will chew on everything that comes in their path. That includes important documents, valuable paintings, and family heirlooms. Irreplaceable items such as these may be more protected from mouse destruction in a sturdy, lockable storage bin rather than plastic bags and boxes.

Other Forms of Rat Destruction

Not only does rat and mouse destruction include physical factors, but rats and mice can also affect:

Your Health

The feces, urine, saliva, and scratches from rodents can transmit multiple diseases including Salmonellosis and Rat-Bite Fever to humans. And it’s very common for people to come in contact with rodent waste. Rats can contaminate floors and countertops, and sweeping and cleaning only stirs up rodent waste making it easier to inhale harmful bacteria. If they make their way into cupboards and your pantry, rats and mice will gnaw on containers and cardboard boxes contaminating your food with their urine, droppings, and hair along the way.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, knowing mice and rats have invaded your home may make you stressed and worried about the destruction they can cause, the diseases they can spread, and the odors they can leave.

Professional Exterminators to Take Care of Rodent Infestations

At Antworks our rodent exterminators have the knowledge, tools, and skills to get rid of a rodent infestation. They will happily come in and get rid of rats and mice so they’ll no longer be a nuisance in your home and you can once again breathe a sigh of relief, so contact us today!

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How Mice and Rats Destroy Your Home IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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