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How to Eliminate Rodents

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People wanting to know how to get rid of rodents are in luck. There are several options that can be attempted. Each has its own list of advantages and disadvantages.

What Homeowners and Business Owners Can Try to Get Rid of Rodents

If homeowners and business owners want to attempt to get rid of rodents themselves, there are a few things they can do. Each takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Some people can’t be bothered to try tools that may or may not work to kill mice and other rodents. How to Get Rid of Rodents in Portland OR Vancouver WA

Here are some ways to get rid of rodents:

  • Use mouse traps. This method is one of the most cost-effective but also time consuming. If a trap is sprung, it has to be reset in order to catch rodents. It’s something that a lot of people prefer not to deal with.
  • Set up bait stations. Bait stations use poison which is cleverly disguised as food. The problem with this type of solution is that household pets don’t recognize the difference either. If a person keeps the bait where their dogs and cats can reach it, the animals might consume it and become very ill.
  • Try a natural method such as kitty litter or peppermint oil. Both items are toxic for rodents. They avoid both items which is beneficial for homes and businesses who have seen an infestation. This option is still not as effective as having a professional come into the property to rid it of rodents.

Pest Control Professionals Know How to Get Rid of Rodents for Good

If an infestation is significant, standard methods of getting rid of rodents won’t do. That’s when it’s time to seek professional pest control services for help as to how to get rid of rodents for good. Experts know exactly what to do to keep mice from coming back into a home or business.

There won’t be mouse droppings to deal with or chewed food bags and boxes to throw away. Businesses won’t have to worry about code violations. Homeowners won’t be worried about guests staying overnight and seeing evidence of rodents.

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