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How to Prevent Ants from Making Your Home Their Home | Portland Pest Control

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Ants often get out of hand in warmer hands in residential buildings. However, you can help deter them from invading your home by taking some precautionary measures. There are certain attractions that lead to the invasion of ants into your house. Therefore, by dealing with those invasions you can prevent further invasion. For further help, you may call the Pest Control Company in Portland OR. This post gives you tips on how to prevent ants from making your home their home. Follow these tips to eliminate these pests in your home.

1). No damp areas should be left in your home

Ants are attracted to damp surfaces in your home. Therefore, it is better to avoid these surfaces at all costs to help deter ants from making nests on those areas. For example, if your walls are damp due to leaking pipes, deal with the pipes to prevent any further dampness because these ants will be attracted to the walls for nesting.

2). Cut or trim small trees closer to the house

Those small trees surrounding your house are exposing your house to ants. The ants like the turf, bushes, and small trees. That is where they like creating their nests. Because of the close proximity of your house to these small trees, these ants are highly to enter your house in search for foods and water. Obviously your house has foods that attract the ants. Stay out danger and cut those trees.

3). Cover the entrance of ants

Ants are most likely to get through the openings of your walls, windows, or doors. Therefore, it is advisory to seal those areas to deter ants from getting into your house. If there are cracks in your house, make sure you seal them. Adhesive tape can be used when necessary as well to seal those cracks. A Pest Control Company in Portland OR can further help deter these creatures.

4). Keep the food out of reach

One of the powerful attractions of these ants is food. Even if ants have their nests outside, they can enter your home in search for food. Those visible foods may cause infestations in your kitchen. Therefore, make sure to keep them out of reach every time after cooking. Do not leave any food particles lying on the floor because that can lead to ants entering your house. If you have existing ants out of control then call Pest Control Company in Portland OR to help you.

5). Call professionals for help

DIY solutions are not always effective especially when ants get out of hand during warmer months. If that happens, it is a good idea to call a reliable Pest Control Company in Portland OR. Antworks Pest Control Company in Portland is the best company to help you deter ants in your home. The company technicians know how to control ants in your home.

How to Prevent Ants from Making Your Home Their Home | Portland Pest Control IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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