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How Portland Pest Control Rids You of Ants

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Pests, and particularly ants, are prone to invade places that have moisture like washrooms and kitchens. This is the reason why the treatments pest control professionals prepare are especially aimed at these areas. Because these areas are sensitive in nature and humans and pets alike tend to use them regularly, it is important to use safe ingredients and materials. Therefore, not only should the treatments be odorless, but professionals should properly cover treatment areas and ensure their safety once dry.

What Areas to Treat

To ensure effective pest control, it is necessary that the treatment be applied everywhere the ants may enter your home from. Possible entry points include walkways, driveways, areas around the slabs, crawl space, and foundation wall. For effective and long-term ant control may, pest control experts may use wall-void injections along the plumbing walls. 

What the Top Pest Control Experts Use

Most contractors and pest control companies use highly repellent, extremely effective and fast acting insecticides. Similar to what you get from your local store, these insecticides are pyrethrum based, making them effective for eliminating and protecting against earwigs and spiders. Unfortunately, this type of treatment does little for the extermination of ants. In fact, the queens remain unaffected and, therefore, the colony keeps thriving. 

On the other hand, experts with experience in this industry use Termidor, a treatment that is not only slow acting, but also quite effective against ants. What makes Termidor stand out from other ingredients is that ants will not avoid it. They rather carry these and share them with their queens and other nest mates. Therefore, entire colony will be wiped out in a very short time.

Because of these benefits, Termidor is the most effective option available for the extermination of ants. It is also homeowner friendly because it spares them from paying for expensive monthly treatments. If you want to take advantage of the offerings of Termidor, contact your local exterminator and see whether they use this solution. If they do not, try and try again until you find someone who does. By compromising on this little aspect, your home will never be ant-free. 

How Portland Pest Control Rids You of Ants IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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