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Do the old home remedies really work on ants?

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From ground up chalk to coffee grinds, many Portland pest control companies have heard of many different home remedies that client tried before calling them. Some people swear by old home remedies as the best way to deal with ants, but one big question that is asked is; “How well do they really work?”. The following will examine some of the most common home remedies that people have tried or have heard of to try to deal with pesky ants.


Line your doors and windows with used coffee grinds, salt, or chalk.


At times, when service technicians with the Portland pest control companies go out for routine assessments, they tend to find traces of either coffee grinds, chalk, or salt around entrances. These home remedies are some that a lot of people try with little to no success. The science behind using coffee grinds or salt is the same behind using diatomaceous earth outside. Ground coffee and salt are so course that it can scrape and irritate the ants if they try to walk over it. The other aspect of coffee in particular, that acts as a repellent, is when coffee has brewed first, it gives off a pungent aroma that often deters ants.


The problem of course with using any of these three items, is that even if it deters the pests, it does not kill them or the colony. If they’ve already established a base inside the house somewhere, or right inside, then the grinds will do little than perhaps help keep them out of the pet feeders. Chalk, which is thought to merely mess with the chemical trails and feel weird to the ant, can only at best temporarily disrupt the ant’s line of traffic. As most ant pest control services in the Portland area can attest too, these home remedies cannot prevent most infestations.


Other types of home made deterrents that Portland pest control companies hear about:


Aside from common dry products, many people try to set up vinegar based traps or put off the pests with its odorous nature. The theory is, that much like coffee, the naturally pungent aroma can make ants turn about and walk away. The vinegar is either set in open containers or soaked into cotton balls and set at possible entry points. According to most ant pest control companies in the Portland Oregon area, the issue again with these sort of traps is that they won’t get rid of them once they are in the door. If a colony has taken root inside walls or foundations with cracks, then it will take more than common deterrents such as coffee or vinegar to get rid of them.


No home remedy offers quick results, when they have them.


Almost any Portland pest control company can tell you that few things classified as home remedies work well, or quickly if they work at all. Of the easy to do home remedies, borax mixtures yield the most results, but can take a couple weeks to do so. They also cannot handle all types of infestations, and pose potential hazard to pets and small children.


Do the old home remedies really work on ants? IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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