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Myths and Facts about Bed Bugs | Portland Pest Control

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There are a lot of people who never encountered bed bugs and the reason for that is simple – bed bugs were almost exterminated two or three decades ago. Thanks to DDT (organochloride), disinfection was very successful. However, many decades ago many countries banned the use of DDT because of it harmful properties that can damage human health too. People are not really familiar with these bugs and how they can be exterminated and that’s why we are presenting you a list of myths and facts about bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs are dangerous only during the night

Fact: Although these bugs are usually most active before sunrise, if you want to get rid of them don’t stand and wait the night. Bed bugs are taking any opportunity to bite you and feed themselves, so if you go to bed late at night they can easily adjust and bite you during the morning.

Myth: Bed bugs are difficult to find because they are not visible with naked eye

Fact: The truth is that fully grown bed bugs can be easily spotted. They have red or brown color and they can be seen clearly especially on white sheet. Even if you can’t see them the constant itching when you wake up will definitely confirm their presence.

Myth: Placing your bed outside the house during winter period can kill the bed bugs

Fact: Just like many other insects, bed bugs are very hard to exterminate. They don’t like the cold but according to many experts bed bugs can stay alive for days on temperatures below zero so you won’t accomplish anything by placing your bed outside.

Myth: Bed bug bites look the same on every person

Fact: It is easy to recognize bug bites but it’s not that easy to tell if they were made by bed bugs. The bites usually come in groups but around 30% of people don’t react to these bites or have only one or two visible marks on their bodies.

Myth: Bed bugs cannot spread any harmful disease

Fact: Although it’s true that these insects cannot transmit any harmful disease, they can worsen allergies and asthma in people that are already suffering from these medical conditions. 

Myth: Except the bed, all other furniture is safe from bed bugs

Fact: The reason why bed bugs usually dwell in our beds is because we spend most of our day in the bed. That’s why they can also be found in our living rooms (chairs, couches), offices and places where there are a lot of people at the same time (cinema, restaurants, public transportation etc.). 

Myth: I can get rid of bed bugs completely on my own

Fact: You can find a lot of sprays and other products against bed bugs. But the truth is that by using almost all of these products you will only spread bed bugs in other places of your home or even in your neighborhood. The best solution to deal with bed bugs is to call a professional pest service, such as Antworks Pest Control.

Myths and Facts about Bed Bugs | Portland Pest Control IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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