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How to Permanently Remove Ants from Your Home

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Basically, there are various types of ants. Some types of ants, such as the fire ants can have an effect on the physical well-being of your family members while others like the carpenter ants will interfere with the structural integrity of your house. As destructive as they are, nobody wants to have ants in or around his/her house. If the ant infestation in your home is mild, it is possible for you to exterminate them permanently on your own. However, there are cases when you need to call the professionals to safely and effectively remove ants from your home. If you are looking forward to getting rid of these annoying insects, here are a couple of tips you can make use of.

  • Identify the Type of Ants You Are Dealing With

Unlike other types of pests, getting rid of ants is not always a quick fix. Regardless of how clean and organized your house is, ants may still be a problem for you. Knowing the specific type of ants that has infested your home is very important. This is because ants control is specific to the species you are dealing with. For instance, the black ants normally reside in colonies outside the house. Such ants only attack structures in search for food. To exterminate the black ants, you need to follow their trail to their source and exterminate them from there.

Other types of ants, such as the carpenter ants are not easy to control. As such, their control requires a more dedicated approach. In most cases, carpenter ants like to nest in moist wood, either inside or outside the house. This being the case, identifying their source can be problematic. In such a case, hiring pest control professionals to get rid of the ants is the best option.

Practice Good Sanitation within the House

Good sanitation in and around your home is one of the cost-effective ways of keeping some types of ants at bay. For instance, there are odorous ants that are attracted to homes by odors. Keeping your home free of such attractive odors will prevent ant invasion in your home.

Spray Vinegar

This is another natural way of controlling ants in your home. In this regard, you should spray vinegar in cracks and crevices, next to baseboards and on the various countertops in the house. Vinegar distracts their chemical trail and causes some ants to deter from the trail. When repeated severally, this method can discourage ants from invading your home.

While it is the desire of any homeowner to stay in a house without any ants, it may be impossible to exterminate them completely on your own. The only lasting and most effective solution to exterminating ants is hiring dedicated pest management professionals. Professionals from All About Ants will carefully examine the situation, identify the type of ants that have invested your home and then use the most appropriate method to get rid of them. Additionally, these professionals will apply the appropriate measures to prevent ants from entering the house in the future.

How to Permanently Remove Ants from Your Home IN VANCOUVER WA AND PORTLAND OR

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